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Spin material high demand is sent increase to spinning machine demand

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Worldwide the population inside adds the flying progress that tries to reach economy, counteract in development especially new rise country, it is the main reason that brings about pair of spin material demand to increase quickly. Numerous forecast a report to make clear, spin material demand will increase continuously with exceeding the rate of 4 % every year 2015. Postpone business to the ginseng of ITMA 2007 exposition for, this is a heart-stirring good news undoubtedly. This is meant, their portfolio also rises long-term abidance.

Be like numerous place examine, as numerous as the population such as China, India or Asia-Pacific area country and area are the place with the rapiddest rate of growth of economy of eye preexistence bound. But the wastage of fiber of spin of average per capita of these areas is in every year only 3 - 9 kilograms between, far under the United States or Western Europe 35 or 20 kilograms wastage. This hangs difference, together with development is counteracted new rise abruptly of national people living standard rise ceaselessly and to fashionable dress consciousness increase, the textile industry of this area will face the market that a your person that has tremendous progress latent capacity looks at with new eyes. And be in industrial state home, the demand of current spin data is main domain of high-tech of be confined to. Technical spin material is in housing materials industry, the car creates a field, the metal is replaced increasingly in environmental technology or spaceflight and aviation industry lieutenant general or plastic wait for traditional material.

Come nearly 10 years, the whole world is annual to the spin fibrous wastage of different utility grow with the average rate of 4 % , amounted to 64.6 million tons 2005. If should grow speed to go down continuously, so arrived 2010, wastage will exceed 80 million tons.

Center of spin fibrous production is in Asia, the 78 % of gross of world spin machine are had there. Without doubt, china is the largest spin production base on the world. Other country, be like: India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Vietnam, also be main center. Western Europe and American circumstance however rather, the output of spin material - especially dress and family expenses textile - will drop all the time for years. But, these areas are used at the production of the spin material of industry and technology to be valued ceaselessly however, made up for production of traditional spin material to reduce brings loss thereby. The technical spin material that Europe produces main concentration high quality to ask. On ITMA2007 exposition, the machine that place of stuff of manufacturing technology spin wants will exhibit a house to wait for each to exhibit to spin finish machining in spin machine exhibit in the house.

The development of spin material demand trend pole is helpful for spin machine manufacturer, to tall function the demand of machinery and equipment also will increase subsequently. Counteract in development especially new rise abruptly country, enterprise technical reformation and newer place need, also reinforce extra trend of this kind of development. The demand that spins loom instrument to 2010 is annual will grow with the speed of 4 % at least. World gross will be climbed from current 23.5 billion dollar raise nearly 30 billion dollar. Europe continues to hold its world lead position as mechanical manufacturer aux will be able to, but the market has frank meeting to have decrease, because of Asian area especially spin machine manufacturer of China will lay the target morely international market, gain one share market from this.
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