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Spin machine: Efficiency and dependability are slightly worse

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Through indefatigable effort of a few years, homebred spin machine is close together combinative market demand, achieved the major breakthrough of a few crucial technologies, the technical reformation that is our country textile industry and industry upgrade made important contribution. But, homebred spin machine machine photograph is being spun in side of contented market demand and entrance is more certain than still having difference. Does spin enterprise need what to kind ofly be spun after all machine? Homebred spin machine and entrance machine what difference is there? Is spin company right homebred spin machine what improve opinion and proposal? Recently, the reporter visited Henan the spin enterprise of a few influential inside the industry force, spin machine user enterprise to talk about their experience please.

Efficiency is apparent under entrance equipment. Liu Qing of vise general manager of limited company of spin of abundant of the abundant that make prosperous, senior engineer is the same as the entrance device that uses with this company and homebred equipment to undertake contrast, point out homebred equipment is producing efficiency to go up to still have very big difference with entrance equipment. Making the card that Chang Yufeng uses now is British Crosse Luo Er Crosroc Qing Dynasty combs couplet equipment, in all 3 6 lines 48. The characteristic of this kind of equipment is: Efficiency tall, breakdown is low, with labour little, crop can amount to 46 kilograms / when the stage, than homebred and congener equipment 40 kilograms / the average efficiency when the stage is tall 15% , and the quality that become gauze achieves bulletin of Wu Si spy the level of 5% . Use this device, everyday 3 production want 6 people only, save the 1/3 that use worker worker than homebred equipment. What automatic winding machine chooses is Italian Savi0 automatic winding machine. Content of this machine technology is high, knot head, changing gauze all is full automatic operation, every ingot can show quality circumstance waits in defect of line doing, gauze, Mao Yu, speed can amount to 1500 meters / cent, than homebred and congener equipment 600 meters / component is 1.5 times higher, and of gauze had shaped, knot head quality is stable, consistency is strong, be helpful for leaving the high speed production of working procedure. An automatic winding machine wants 1 person only / class, and homebred cone winder 6 people / class. Accordingly, he thinks homebred equipment is in performance of spinning quality, equipment, respect and entrance wait with labour when using automatic winding machine can not compare a gender.

Wu Xiangmin of chief engineer of group of prosperous peaceful spin provided a few groups of data, confirm the viewpoint with homebred equipment low efficiency. He says, the crop that imports carding machine can amount to 180 kilograms / hour, and homebred card can achieve 80 kilograms only / hour; Homebred air current is spun can spin 16 to mix only commonly 21 gauze, and entrance air current is spun can spin 40 yarn; Swiss Li Daqing combs the Xi Lin fabric width of couplet can increase 1.5 meters, 0.5 meters wider than homebred equipment.
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