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Sew spins power sea this year the 10 professions such as weaver are popular

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From city professional introduction center learns, last year, total demand of labor of unit of our city choose and employ persons is 24353 people, and the number of to apply for a job that enters the market is 9876 people, among them, the gap of to apply for a job of 10 type of work such as clerk of the assistant, member that receive silver, dining-room is the biggest, average ” of patronage of “ of the person that 2.47 post have a to apply for a job only.
City profession introduces statistical data of the center to show, manufacturing industry, wholesale retail trade and accommodation meal course of study make the main field of demand of our city choose and employ persons, economy of joint stock company, individual privately owned is organized and the demand of choose and employ persons of foreign investment company takes total demand 9 into above. To apply for a job person in, youth of other cities personnel, new growing unemployment, obtain employment turns the principal part that unemployed personnel and labor of our city country make team of to apply for a job. Among them, the male slightly over female, labour force of 35 years old of the following black prime of life is occupied 7 into above, number of the person that tall Chinese changes degree to apply for a job exceeds an in part, above record of formal schooling occupies three-year institution of higher learning to be become.
As we have learned, this year, cutting out meal of personnel of worker of worker of sew labour, spin, simple physical strength, sale, restaurant serves worker of personnel and of all kinds machining to wait will be market demand is electronic worker, popular. In the meantime, from the our city large shipbuilding industry increases by degrees the situation looks, the electric welder is in the labour market compares “ this year popular ” . And driver post is in future will still be in excess position in a paragraph of period.

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