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Spin machine printing and dyeing to achieve progress for the foundation with the

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During 15 ” of “ , the development of industry of printing and dyeing gained a lot of success. For instance, the level is arranged to get rising significantly after restricting what spin industry industry upgrades for years, , quality of fabrics of homebred printing and dyeing is improved apparently, spin fabrics is exported with year all the rate of 19% rises, enlarged 1.4 times 5 years, the fabrics that exports dress is self-sufficient rate from “ during 95 ” 50% rise 70% , the international competition ability of the industry increases greatly.

But the development of industry of printing and dyeing still is facing a few problems. The question with bigger discharge capacity of poor, water consumption and liquid waste still highlights the quality stability that main show is equiping. Industry of our country printing and dyeing is at present medium, only minority enterprise in off color the product percent of pass of 4 class above can achieve 3 ~ 80% , most enterprise has 50% to control only, and foreign advanced level has been achieved 90% ; The unit product water consumption of enterprise of printing and dyeing is a developed country commonly 3 times the left and right sides, 80% what liquid waste of printing and dyeing takes discharge capacity of countrywide spin liquid waste, and answer on average with rate have 7% only.

The progress that national development reforms committee to be aimed at an industry is real, formulate " 915 ” of textile industry “ develop outline " . " compendium " put forward 915 ” of “ of industry of printing and dyeing to expand key job. In order to improve quality of product of printing and dyeing, carry out energy-saving fall environmental protection of bad news technology, aggrandizement is a principle, it is a method with the hi-tech such as contemporary electron technology, automation technology, biology technology, the anhydrous such as printing of development coating printing and dyeing, small suspension printing and dyeing, move, number printing or little watermark acquire engineering technology, accelerate zoology textile and research and development of functional sex textile and production. In “ 915 ” develop in, of technology of printing and dyeing rise to attach most importance to one of bit of content.

In silk domain, arrange after printing and dyeing etc is weak point, should use essence of life actively to refine, quality stability, efficient low cost advanced equipment; Advance energetically energy-saving fall bad news, clean production, tall, short circuit, small bath compares efficiency of exert oneself development, super- low give fluid, zoology the treatment new technology such as recycle of environmental protection, loop, bad news water, cost is trimmed after reducing silk printing and dyeing can and environmental pollution. The domain is knitted in wool spinning, the key optimizes the craft that wash hair, promotion abb refines modified craft and abb shrinkproof but machine wash arrange a technology, increase the quality of wool spinning product, class; The processing that exert oneself strengthens enterprise liquid waste, trash and use integratedly. Domain of weaver art technology is spun in tradition of new and high technical reformation, develop following technologies energetically: Abb is shrinkproof but machine wash arrange a technology, abb refines modified engineering technology, hemp kind fiber development uses new engineering technology, hemp kind fabric coloring, anti-creasing, softness advanced hind arrange a technology; Processing technique of bounce real silk and new product are developed, high-grade silk arranges a technology after product printing and dyeing; Water of knitted fabric section is energy-saving high quality is successive pre-treatment engineering technology, archives of knitting object height arranges a technology, whole computer is not had seam underwear processing technique to wait.
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