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Drive the travel before the industry with informatization

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On December 7, industry informatization seminar is in the 2006 tailor machinery that by Chinese tailor machinery association sponsors Shanghai is held ceremoniously, association of Chinese tailor machine is Beijing of Yang Xiao of bright of standing vice-president wait, secretary-general, advisory Chen Qishen of researcher of academy of design of ministry of Wang Chengkang, mechanical industry, and much home comes from countrywide each district the delegate of company of production of overall, spare parts attended the meeting. Secretary-general of You Yangxiao Beijing and Huang Pei of general manager of limited company of technology of project of informatization of Wuhan manufacturing industry chair the meeting jointly, come from the delegate of firm of famous software of tailor machinery industry and home, to the informatization of the enterprise with the angle that differs severally construction expressed a view.

On the meeting, seam in assist the theme that standing vice-president He Ye had inscribing is current situation of “ industry informatization and development ” makes a speech, she expresses in the speech: “ is during 15 ’ of whole ‘ , the informatization construction of the enterprise inside course of study had stepped delectable one pace. Show to the sampling investigation of 40 mainstays business according to association, the company that has more than 60 % built informatization to carry out an orgnaization, enterprise informatization capital throws rapid growth. Arrive from large ERP system the SCM system that supplies catenary government, the enterprise inside course of study has the case that carries out successfully. ” but in positive result while, she also points out: “ although industry informatization construction develops somewhat, but the integral informatization level a few days ago and trend are the same as international advanced company posture has apparent difference than returning, overall level still on the low side, technological process of each production that still cannot be the same as informatization construction completely the enterprise, government is united in wedlock cheek by jowl rise, enterprise informatization construction still has a lot of jobs to need to finish. To can realize industry ‘ better 915 ’ expand the requirement that raises to informatization construction in the program, be in in the center of practice 16 put forward greatly drive industrialization with informatization, promote industrialization with informatization, walk along deploy of strategy of new-style industrialized viatic, each enterprise must accelerate compose of in-house informatization system to build, realize the informatization of the digitlization of the product, design and production, promote the rapid development of the enterprise. ”

Subsequently, the angle that the manufacturer delegate such as the rich software of Chen Qishen's researcher and favour, software that consider win also stands in major carries out application to making enterprise ERP politic, how to promote the topic for discussion such as company competition ability to express an opinion through informatization.
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