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Does the way that spins machine automation still have many far?

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On the fair of machinery of spin of the 10th China International that held a few days ago, the place of machine of Japanese island essence that make exhibited a newest small-sized computer is muti_function shape completely horizontal braiding machine, the design is exquisite; First time of company of German Ma Nuo brought online character to detect control system, OK and accurate detect the square metre of fabric overcomes the parameter …… international such as heavy, moisture content, ply most advanced those who spin machine automation to use a technology introduce quickened homebred spin machine the research that dominates a technology oneself and development; Get used to the need that domestic spin admits, the automation that our country spins machine product controls innovation to work to also be being deepened ceaselessly and promote.

Production enterprise is in hard

Some closer year come, of home spin a mechanism to built an enterprise to there has been very big breakthrough in automation application respect. For instance, hangzhou drives limited company of source computer technology, around enterprise of traditional spin printing and dyeing transform make technical research and development, what develop independently is full automatic size mixing system and size mixing of traditional printing and dyeing match fluid comparing, manufacturing efficiency raises one times above, average and annual reduce cost of makings of draw a design, economic oar for every user at least 1.5 million yuan of above, the sources of energy that still reduced enterprise of printing and dyeing substantially is used up and water consumption, reduced the pollution to the environment, the clean production that is enterprise of spin printing and dyeing provided strong safeguard. Especially the posture of industry of spin printing and dyeing of our country to other developed country, still belong to chase model the industry in development, manufacturing industry relies on force of science and technology only, make way of industry government hi-tech industry develops. The direct gush candle that company opening a source develops makes net machine with speed the respect such as fast, high accuracy achieved domestic and international banner level to create actual beneficial result really for the user; The system of ERP helps an user build platform of an information processing, sort the thing of the enterprise, capital shedding and iformation flow are in same aspirant travel collects a platform, collect, forecast, analysis, make the enterprise shortens thereby intermediate link, improve work efficiency. Tell according to company controller, the market share that holds 67 % of domestic like the system is become before printing and dyeing of old width of cloth imprints among them; System of size mixing of printing, coloring achieves international congener and advanced level, hold the market share of domestic nearly 85 % ; The project level such as software of software of computer printing color separation, printing design design is banner already international is congener software 2~3 year.
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