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Does the way that spins machine automation still have many far?

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The research organization seeks application

Industry of our country spin produces the development mode long-standing that learns to grind to be united in wedlock, in the applied practice that place of a lot of scientific research courtyard that pursue automation research and universities and colleges take thorough spin industry seriously more and more, coact develops the automation that spin equips to control a system. Dong Hua university is taught think, the efficient development of spin machinery needs mechanical drive structure as far as possible deft, simple, of the machine make exhaust the likelihood goes to the lavatory neatly. Such since, reduce machine intermediate drive and use extreme to carry out directly electronic-controlled drive technology emerge as the times require, an equipment has drive of much stage electric machinery to make extremely general appearance. But subsequently and those who come is Electromechanical system how proper be in harmony is an organic whole, why are all electric machinery being planted no matter can assure to cooperate with below the circumstance drive is not had by accident, among them technology of pivotal general character is system of “ Electromechanical unifinication compositive with ” of technology of cooperative control of much electric machinery. This also is the technology of general character key that at present our country spins loom to tool industry is known not adequately still and cause height to take seriously. And this oversight, one of main reasons that also make home spin aircraft company to imitate ” to won't do to “ of machinery of foreign high-grade spin.

A project controller of Beijing dress institute expresses, 21 centuries are early the times that is informatization, digitlizing a design to make a technology is one of core of industrial informatization, the products plan that it changed a tradition, make and produce constituent pattern, become accelerate a product to change, improve the company competition ability, crucial technology that advances industry technology progress; The innovation that the cooperation between the innovation that it will drive products plan method and tool, innovation of business management mode, enterprise concerns. Advance energetically spinning machine industry informatization is to use IT to transform the technical level of manufacturing industry of equipment of spin of traditional industry, promotion, implementation informatization drives industrialized breach. But she also expresses, if why give priority to body with the enterprise, implementation is produced learn to grind union still is a courtyard place or it is the main task that entire industry needs to discuss.

User enterprise needs to improve

Indeed, our country spins photograph of advanced level of the automation degree of aircraft equipment and world to have not little difference than returning, but can the manufacturing environment of domestic spin enterprise bear again degree of what kind of automation? A lot of large spin enterprises produce top-ranking product with advanced equipment, solved the problem of the barren that use worker worker effectively not only, reasonable also assured management profit get. But, spin industry is labor after all concentrated model industry, in developing small civilian battalion enterprise cans be found everywhere, their equipment uses a state to not allow to ignore however. The reporter discovers in investigation, a lot of enterprises not hesitate the flower is gigantic endowment those who introduce is advanced spin aircraft equipment, just producing popular goods of dependable quality, property utilization rate is extremely low, some enterprises even because cannot be operated neatly and equipment unused.
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