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Market of machine of printing and dyeing is energy-saving strengthen environment

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At present the development trend of industry of domestic and international printing and dyeing, namely efficient, energy-saving with environmental protection, these 3 respects supplement each other, be short of one cannot. Productivity should develop, improving manufacturing efficiency is the most immediate step; And energy-saving the level that already reached to must take step; Taking energy-saving step, develop productivity while, still must want to have environmental protection consciousness and contaminative processing medium.
National hair changes appoint after the current situation that analysing industry of Chinese printing and dyeing and development trend, put forward “ clearly to want to use informatization and ” of trade of convention of new and high technical reformation, the policy that industry of this since printing and dyeing develops is oriented, the policy that also is development of industry of machinery of printing and dyeing is oriented.
Current, manufactory of equipment of Chinese printing and dyeing already amounted to many 200, these factories are centered in and other places of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong for the most part, only Jiangsu one ground, machinery of printing and dyeing makes an enterprise be as high as 80. Industry of an area printing and dyeing is done greatly, criterion the machinery of printing and dyeing of this area develops quickly, mechanical manufactory is much. What be worth to be carried here is Guangdong. Guangdong printing and dyeing is in from amount and quality total national capital is banner, but the progress of machinery of printing and dyeing of this area is slower however.
In fact, the demand of machinery of printing and dyeing of Guangdong basically is to rely on Hong Kong and Taiwan, also have a share from Euramerican entrance, so, local facility progress is slow. The account that its produce basically is two respects: The printing and dyeing that is use place of company of printing and dyeing is mechanical, offer money seasonable, connection handles a problem to go to the lavatory, after service is quick wait for a lot of and convenience condition, the development of rigid to local printing and dyeing business has nature stimulative action; It is good that the industries of 2 printing and dyeing that are an area produce a situation, local government can give aid to necessarily, support the industry that covers suitably, industry of machinery of printing and dyeing serves form a complete set for industry of printing and dyeing, behoove enjoys a few favourable policy that are helpful for development.
Foreign printing and dyeing develops mechanically, also have the tide that area turns. Before the course paragraph of period buy and be reformed and reshuffle, the country that can produce machine of complete set printing and dyeing now is Italy and Germany. And other country is commonly more Yu Mou of essence of life a kind of printing and dyeing are mechanical, be like: The pre-treatment equipment of printing machine of Austria, Switzerland.
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