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German research in textile coating and toxic substances in cigarette smoke

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German textile testing and certification of a Hohenstein Institute in his emphasis on the risk of transfer of nicotine from the clothes of the report, is to study a textile coating, which can neutralize toxic substances in cigarette smoke, in order to reduce this zone to hazards. The agency said the survey found attached to these harmful substances in the baby's personal clothing, in particular, to the huge damage in children. The researchers said the "third-hand smoke" - the nicotine in cigarette smoke and harmful substances are deposited attached to the cushions, carpets, curtains and clothing and other surfaces in the. Which contains the concentration of toxic substances in the air is much higher than the emissions of smoke, cigarette combustion of toxic particles, but also through skin contact and other harm to human again. German Hohenstein Institute of Health and Biotechnology Institute (Institute for Hygiene and Biotechnology, IHB) scientists are trying to model and simulate the baby skin's T shirt addicted to nicotine exposure, nicotine show test results for the first time a neurotoxin, through baby skin into deeper tissue layers. The other scientists conducted further experiments on the same adult skin. The results also found that when nicotine and other toxic substances into the human body, skin and nerve cells will "cause great harm."
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