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International Technical Conference on Textile Coating and laminating held soon

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With effects on the function and use of textiles to enhance diversity needs, determine the diversity of new materials, new coating technologies and increased emphasis on green nano-coating the emergence of new products, indicating the gradual environmental textile coating material to the market. November 4 to 5 days, the international textile coating and laminating technology conference held in Cannes, France. Countries in the field of coating and laminating textiles producers, suppliers, end users, industry analysts and others concerned about the new materials, new products and new inventions professionals will be invited to attend this meeting to discuss R & D in the field trends and market prospects. According to organizers, the conference consists of four parts: the first will be the current industry conditions, future prospects and development strategies in the global industry and involved in environmental regulations will be discussed; The second part focuses on mechanical equipment and technology demonstrations, such as efficient production equipment, adhesive / adhesive systems, polymers, plasma technology development status, and special features of the technology demonstration; the third part will demonstrate the new high-tech technologies, including nanotechnology, antibacterial / anti-microbial technology Smart coating technology, coating and laminating of green technology, high-performance materials, surface-active technology, and self-sterilization, self-healing and self-diagnostic function of the technology; fourth part of the common vision of the industry markets and applications development prospects, such as solar / thermal energy, fuel cells, medical / biotechnology, leisure, commercial and performance of applications such as special needs. The meeting was chaired by the textile industry with 45 years experience in industrial textiles, founder of the Association Mr. William Smith, who in the textile products in the market development, sales, marketing and market management has extensive experience in the field. During the meeting, authorities from various countries will bring the industry more than lectures, speakers from EMS-Griltech company, Spunfab plastic fabric company, Reactive Surfaces, Germany Coatem coated fabric, the United States Dow Corning Corporation (Dow Corning ), Xennia technology and benefits to the United Kingdom Machinery Co., Ltd. (Reliant Machinery).
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