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Textile industry cluster in 175 pilot areas Announced

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At present, China's textile industry is facing rare opportunities for development, but also face many predictable and unpredictable challenges. Next year, China will enter a "second Five-Year" period of construction, but also we have to build in 2020 Critical period of the textile power, China's textile industry to accelerate the transformation of development and speed up structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, faced with new challenges. Cluster economy of the textile industry is to improve industrial concentration to develop a world-renowned brand and the core competitiveness of small enterprises and medium-sized enterprises and improve the level of specialized division of labor, and promote organizational structure Optimization of an important organizational form. Therefore, the "second five" whether during the economic health of the textile industry cluster, sustainable development is essential. Beginning in 2002, the China Textile Industry Association, together with the textile industry cluster for regional development of the textile industry cluster pilot, after eight years, major policies in the central guidelines and levels of government concern and support, Made significant progress in experimental work. Cluster status and social productivity of production has been great progress, many clusters of labor productivity and international competitiveness to improve quickly, the brand benefits are obvious, social responsibility was To strengthen, promote the national development of regional industrial clusters, changing patterns of development for the textile industry made a positive contribution. In 2010, China Textile Industry Association from 2002 to 2009, named for review to determine the pilot units, most of the pilot regions by the central "second five" planning proposals, to continue to do a good job filling experiments Full confidence. To this end, the China Textile Industry Association decided to re-established after a review of the "second five" pilot and new pilot areas, a total of 175 cities, counties, towns, signed the "second five" pilot during the build textile industry cluster Agreement, determined under the command of the scientific concept of development, in accordance with the central authorities on the "second five" the spirit of planning proposals, and the State Council, "the textile industry restructuring and revitalization plan" and "Twelfth Five" National Textile Industry Development Plan Requirements, work together to build a good job, so that the textile industry cluster economy rose to a new level, for local economic development and contribute to the building of textile power.
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