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Discussion: Auto Coatings and coating properties of the materials

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As we all know, the purpose is to enable automotive painting car body with excellent decorative appearance, weather resistance, comfort (live sex), sealing, corrosion resistance, to improve its product value and extend its useful life, according to car use environmental conditions, the requirements of modern product design, automotive coatings and materials should have the following characteristics: (L) should have excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance, can adapt to the climate in a variety of environmental conditions, coating with the car itself with life in the harsh sun and Ye Lu, the case of wind and rain erosion protection of light Good color retention, no blistering, no cracking, no loss, no powder, no corrosion phenomenon, the coating should be tough and abrasion resistance, mechanical strength, can adapt to a moving vehicle vibration and strain, should also have excellent resistance to temperature variability; (2) should have an excellent decoration, bright color requirements of the coating, color can be customized to meet the diverse needs; requires the appearance of plump, fresh mapping is good, people look comfortable; requirements of the finish coating with acid Rain and scratch resistance (or self-healing nature), if the poor performance of these two, the loss of the highly decorative coating, decorative coating on the intermediate and advanced cars is particularly important for coating, coated layer of skin smooth, bright as a mirror, elegant colors to look dignified elegance of the luxury sedan; (3) car paint timber should have excellent performance and support of construction, requiring high-speed production line to adapt to the conditions of coating operation, such as various automatic painting (electrophoresis, electrostatic spraying, etc.) should have the best special coatings operation of; film fast curing, generally not more than 20 to 30 min is appropriate, or be able to use the "wet-wet" (2C1B or 3C1B) drying process, requiring good adhesion between the coating does not lead to bite, the bleeding cracking and other coating defects; (4) for the realization of the social production of environmentally friendly cleaning requirements of the times, in the coating process V0C COD emissions to less energy-efficient coating material coating can adapt to environmental conditions (such as water spray paint environmental conditions of temperature, wide temperature range s) and curing processes (such as "wet-wet" drying process) in the automotive coating material should not contain harmful substances such as lead and hexavalent chromium, anti-waste recycling vehicles produce secondary pollution, environmental problems; (5) requires capability of gasoline, asphalt and other oil and the role of the media does not produce certain period of time immersed in softening, discoloration, loss of light dissolved or produce phenomena such as spots and India, seeking capability soap, lotion, cleaning agents or insect excrement and so on, these substances do not leave traces after exposure; (6) Based on the highly competitive automotive market, prices are particularly sensitive to lower the car's manufacturing costs are the subject of sustainability, coupled with a large amount of automotive coatings, automotive coating material requires affordable, cost effective and can reduce vehicle painting cost to create the conditions for the technical requirements (performance) by a single coating (single coating species) is difficult to achieve, typically by a combination of multi-layer coating to achieve, most of the multi-layer coating automotive coating composition coated layer, with the auto parts used in different environments, different technical requirements of the coating, the choice of paint and coatings are quite different structure, such as auto body painting calls for a comprehensive technical requirements to achieve the above, while the frame, wheels Under the terms of car parts such as painting, mainly to prevent the corrosion protective coating based, its durability and decorative appearance relative worse, a certain species, it has the above requirements are not comprehensive performance. With the rapid pace of development of the automotive industry, automobile painting has been integrated into every detail of the automotive industry, and make our lives so wonderful car. We are very pleased to catch up with the car a good coating of this exciting era.
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