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Standard of colour of industry of our country spin is carried out since Septembe

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The CNCS colour system of our country own research and development already was by establish standard of spin industry colour, classics country hair changes appoint approval, at will be in since September 1 spin industry is carried out formally. This is the first colour system that our country builds, fill the blank of domestic colour domain, also use branch and trade for colour especially spin garment industry, offerred accord with a Chinese the colour reference system of aesthetic standard. The CNCS colour system that by center of Chinese spin information old survey builds already passed ministry of science and technology to check and accept, be by establish GB ——GB/T 21898-2008 " textile color represents a means " , GSB 16-2253-2008 " dacron of — of sample of textile color standard " with ——FZ/T 01099-2008 of spin occupation standard " spin color system " , be judged to be have international the colour system of advanced level. CNCS colour system is to build the scientific colour system that waits for foundation of off color theory to go up in the vision, the differentiate color that accords with a Chinese is used to, every colour has 7 exclusive number, have color comprehensive, lubricious date the characteristic with strong sex of simple, application. Our country is spin dress big country, but all the time since the colour standard that does not have oneself, the communication obstacle that because lack unified colour,communicate a language and poses is serious block up of spin product appear on the market the market competition ability of speed and enterprise. Of CNCS colour system build built unified colour platform for the industry, the colour communication language that unites to form and normative colour government mechanism laid a foundation, also enhance product competition ability for the enterprise, accelerate a structure to upgrade adjusted pace to provide power. (Spin gazette)

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