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Total bureau of Wu of tax of state of Ministry of finance exports the announceme

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Sheet of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, plan lists city finance hall (bureau) , national revenue, xinjiang production builds bureau of corps finance affairs: Via approval of the State Council, the exit that adjusts partial commodity withdraws tax rate. Inform as follows with respect to concerned item now: One, withdraw the exit of partial textile, dress tax rate by 11% rise 13% ; the export of partial bamboo goods drawback rate rises 11% . Specific commodity name and duty bugle call see accessory 1. 2, cancel red pine nut benevolence, alcohol of organic arsine product, yew reachs partial pesticide product, share the exit drawback of positive pole of element of product of batteries of product of coating of 0 its goods, colophony, silver, zinc, part, part, carbon. Specific commodity name and duty bugle call see accessory 2. 3, executive time 1, exit drawback rate adjusts above commodity to be carried out since August 1, 2008. Specific executive time, export goods customs declaration with “ (exit drawback is special) the exit date that ” custom makes clear is accurate. 2, the commodity that cancels to export drawback to involving, every enterprise has signed export contract before August 1, 2008 and the price cannot change, the tax authority that speaks an enterprise to be able to hold treaty wording to be in charge of exit drawback to place before August 15, 2008 is registered put on record. Export a contract via what put on record, every declares at customs before January 1, 2009 of exit, allow presses the drawback rate before adjusting to carry out. Exceed the time limit fails to put on record and declare at customs after December 31, 2008 of exit, uniform retreat tax rate to carry out by the exit after adjusting. Afore-mentioned export contracts are to point to: The contract signs the content such as name of date, commodity, monovalent, amount, amount to make clear, affirm via exporting enterprise and delegate of foreign both sides to sign or affix one's seal, accord with " contract law " wait for relevant law laws and regulations to set, true and active written export contract, uniform to according with formulary contract do not grant to put on record. Once export contract puts on record uniform must not revise. Inform hereby. Accessory: ? . The   of inventory.xls   that raises rate of drawback of tower above mouth 2. Cancel to export the inventory.xls of drawback Raise exit to retreat the inventory of tax rate Chapter Product code Trade name says Rise % 50 chapters 5004000000-5007909099 silk 1351 chapters Line of 5106100000-5108101100 wool yarn and blame of 5108101990 of   of 13 of its machine fabric are offerred retail with thick comb 〔 of yarn of other animal fine fur presses weight plan blame of 5108109090 of   of 13 of 〕 of ≥85% of content of other animal fine fur is offerred retail use thick comb other animal fine fur
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