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Spin enterprise " help city " adjust bail or nod into below one exert oneself

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Bail of Zhang of improvement trade stage is adjusted, the next put forth effort that makes textile “ whether likely help city ” policy is nodded? The reporter learns, include Department of Commerce, hair to change appoint, industry and informatization ministry inside a few ministries and commissions are in improvement trade policy adjusted survey 2007 the influence to exit, evaluate the industry capital catenary such as spin to get the rate of the influence. Message personage says, evaluate still undertaking, at present of short duration has no conclusion to come on stage. Nevertheless this one policy is adjusted have controversy quite. “ only the opinion of interior of Department of Commerce is not quite unanimous of policy of ”—— improvement trade tighten up the general orientation that was considered as to represent commerce structure to optimize this one policy. Policy points to catenary of the capital that spin look forward to next On July 31, the Ministry of finance announces to rise from morrow, rate of drawback of exit of product of partial spin, dress arrives from 11% callbacks 13% . This time warm measure is considered as textile “ to relieve the one condition of city ” . Report the policy of Department of Commerce to suggest according to chamber of commerce of imports and exports of textile of the China before this, the drawback of spin dress leads a callback to be labelled to build the 3rd of character only, before two are to maintain the stability of policy and financing area to be loosened appropriately respectively. These two proposals are unscrambled to be: Appeal RMB defers to appreciate, bank credit can be loosened moderately and the security system of improvement trade can measurable callback. Cao Xinyu expresses vice-chairman of this chamber of commerce, 4 survey first half of the year discover chamber of commerce, the biggest to enterprise concussion is the RMB of nearly 6% appreciates quickly first half of the year, it is the insecurity of current fund catenary next. He says, at present the settle accounts cycle of many enterprises is forced to spin, the extension of “30 day arrives 60 days, originally extension of 60 days comes 90 days, the case that occurrence enterprise ruptures because of capital catenary and has closed down. ”This year in April, group of spin of oriental cherry of Shandong of enterprise of large cotton spinning because of capital cannot have enough to meet need, indebted 890 million, by Shandong flexibly the group recombines. 禤 records follows deputy secretary-general of Guangdong spin association by force the reporter says, the circumstance become divided of insecurity of company capital area is serious. The medium-sized spin company that an annual produce controls 100 million yuan, if can borrow money from the bank 2 million, the enterprise need not close down. And the reporter learned on August 5, this kind of big company of company of imports and exports of Guangdong province textile still has more than 10 banks of 100 million at present loan specified amount is spent can offer use. The expert says, of policy of get warm again after a cold spell next already focusing is on capital catenary problem. This is loosened to do not have how many hope to bank credit inside course of study nevertheless, “ although if really can unlock like hearsay a bit, estimate also hard benefit and textile ” . Come from Guangdong to save the view of public figure of department of one large and state-owned bank credit to answer card the expert's viewpoint. This bank public figure says, the research report that head office of the beginning of the year allots this year hints, include spin dress inside a few labor are concentrated model export company condition is bad, remind each branch wants to father the loan that dominates these pair of trades extends. The reporter learns, partial commercial bank increased the risk parameter of spin garment industry already.
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