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Central finance plans development of medium and small businesses of 3.51 billion

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Relevant controller represents Chinese Ministry of finance 19 days, solve medium and small businesses to develop the difficulty that face and problem for the help, central finance will increase supportive strength further, finance arrangement medium and small businesses is special in the center of this year capital 3.51 billion yuan of RMBs. According to introduction of Ministry of finance, central finance established international market of fund of innovation of technology of science and technology medium and small businesses, medium and small businesses to develop achievement of science and technology of capital, agriculture to change capital, medium and small businesses to serve a system early or late in recent years special and accessorial capital, medium and small businesses develops special fund and type of platform of medium and small businesses to serve a system 6 special fund such as special and accessorial capital support medium and small businesses. Up to 2007 end, central finance already accumulative total plans these 6 special fund nearly 17 billion yuan. Expanding the taxation responsibility in the process to reduce medium and small businesses, central finance still published a series of taxation privilege policy that are aimed at medium and small businesses in recent years, effectively supported medium and small businesses to develop. In the meantime, assure to support financing of perfect medium and small businesses system, central finance expands the arrangement in special fund in medium and small businesses since 2006 special pay is used at supporting credence of medium and small businesses to assure business is begun, loan of work up medium and small businesses assures the loss compensates a mechanism. Statistic shows related the Ministry of finance, 2006 to 2007, central finance arranges 238 million yuan in all, supported 266 to assure orgnaization. The medium and small businesses that began 2006 assures business amount makes an appointment with 70 billion yuan, occupy the whole nation to assure the orgnaization assures 22% of business amount. 188 when finance orchestrates 188 million yuan of support in the center of 2007 assure orgnaization, occupy the whole nation to assure about orgnaization total 5% of a number. 2008, central finance budget backs arrangement 200 million yuan credence of medium and small businesses to assure business. In addition, the blame of pilot to bringing into the whole nation limits seeks profits quality credence of medium and small businesses assures, assure again orgnaization, be engaged in assuring to its the income that business gains, avoid inside 3 years impose business tax. The Ministry of finance expresses, wealth tax policy to assuring the development of the industry had positive oriented effect, increased to assure of the orgnaization fight risk ability, effective ground is incentive assure the orgnaization is offerred for medium and small businesses assure the enthusiasm of loan, promoted assure the normative development of the industry. Promoted the letter of medium and small businesses expenditure at the same time, enlarged financial orgnaization the credit dimensions to medium and small businesses, to alleviating financing of medium and small businesses is mixed hard assure difficult question produced positive effect. Central finance promotes obtain employment again the policy measure of obtain employment, also promoted work concentrated model the development of small company. Data of Ministry of finance shows, since 2002, unemployed to come off sentry duty personnel carried out China small assure loan policy, up to 2007 end, the throughout the country is small assure loan remaining sum 9.852 billion yuan, appropriate of central finance accumulative total is small assure loan discount financing 1.163 billion yuan. 2008, concentrated to labor model specified amount of loan of small company pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange is spent will enlarge 2 million yuan, establish loan award and risk compensation mechanism at the same time, farther play is small assure loan policy effect. (Xinhua net)

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