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The part was defeated by method of Europe textile monitoring to concern an issue

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On November 15, 2007, chinese Department of Commerce was announced the part lost way of monitoring of European Union textile 2008 (Department of Commerce 2007 the 91st announcement, , see Www.mofcom.gov.cn of website of Department of Commerce) . Keep the demand of China business and Bulgaria textile importer according to brigade, try relevant provision and program to arrange here, offer textile importer reference. One, both sides of the Europe in the setting circumstance   that monitoring measure publishs was signed in June 2005 " in Europe textile trade forgives memorandum " , appropriate was solved in problem of Europe textile trade, dissolved trade friction. " in memorandum of Europe textile trade " period of efficacy arrives by 2008, among them bilateral amount manages textile 2007 the end of the year ends. China, European Union held the 22nd in June 2007 in Europe classics trade is mixed appoint on the meeting, the attention that Ou Fang conveyed trade of pair of textile of the Europe in maintaining to grow smoothly. The course tries hard, both sides reachs consensus with respect to textile issue again, oufang cancels note as scheduled the quantitative management below, europe both sides will continue to maintain dialog and collaboration in this domain in, maintain the stable development of commerce jointly. Ou Fangming puts forward to will was opposite 2008 truly the fact of partial agreement product that imports from China imports monitoring all right, and hope and in square collaboration. On September 28, 2007, both sides built bilateral monitoring system to reach unanimous opinion: memorandum the 8 textile category below brings into bilateral monitoring system, europe both sides will manage through licence in apply to textile of these 8 categories jointly monitor, do not set quantitative restriction. For this, chinese Department of Commerce is made and announced 2007 Department of Commerce the 91st announcement. Executive time by a definite date a year, come from January 1, 2008 on December 31, 2008. 2, how to have ground of   of business of imports and exports through licence agreement, europe both sides applies through licence management in monitor, measure limitation without number. Say simply even if, chinese exporter declares at customs in Chinese custom by export license exit, europe square importer by in the export license that just extends sends card orgnaization to change in Ou Fang get import licence, enter by import licence conduction goods involve procedures. 3, announcement regulation is right relevant be defeated by European Union textile to execute an enterprise to manage   of aptitude examine and verify to execute an enterprise to manage aptitude examine and verify is broad the collective requirement that exports enterprise and relevant trade association to the European Union, the purpose is for management order of farther normative export, promote healthy to exit of European Union textile, orderly development. Relevant aptitude standard is mixed by association of textile industry of chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports, China association of company of investment of Chinese foreign trader is in outside asking for main business sentiment and proposal foundation to go up to joint research is made and be opposite, announce. From standard setting the circumstance looks, the enrollment that aptitude standard involves a company is capital, relevant capacity of product exit forehead, taxpayer and the condition that observe responsibility of intellectual property, environmental protection, society to wait for respect law laws and regulations. Above all, register capital to be opposite under 500 thousand RMB and relevant product Europe exit specified number is total not under 10 thousand dollar. Next, ask management enterprise must be average taxpayer. The 3rd, requirement enterprise is done not have 3 years continuously in respect of intellectual property, environmental protection violate compasses act, abide the domestic relevant law such as Wu of labor safeguard, duty, code and regulations system strictly. 4, association of company of investment of business of the abroad in obtaining an enterprise to manage aptitude   enterprise to manage aptitude examine and verify to work to be mixed by association of textile industry of chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports, China is assumed jointly, group by group examine and verify. The already of look forward to that accords with aptitude standard after examine and verify of afore-mentioned 3 trade association, include admittance list and announce external. After the enterprise classics Department of Commerce that includes admittance list puts on record, all but explain get be defeated by European Union textile to export licence. Contented aptitude standard but the company that has not include admittance list can be in charge of a branch to invest industry association to offer application to association of textile industry of chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports, China or Chinese foreign trader through local business affairs. 5, how does the company that runs aptitude examine and verify through the enterprise apply for to be defeated by European Union textile to export licence   enterprise to arrive with carriage a power of attorney by contract of licence application form, export the application of branch of seat commerce director of accredit of Department of Commerce. Carriage a power of attorney includes to order manifest or other is airborne, marine etc carry entrust a proof. On the net explain those who get, the enterprise submits afore-mentioned data when the licence that get; Of written application, the enterprise is referred when application. 6, the officer unit that Bulgaria import licence examines and approve and Bulgaria import licence of particular program   are examined and approve, extend the unit is department of Bulgaria economy energy, specific and responsible branch is to register, licence government department. Importer can carry application form up and down in website of economic energy department, the application process that presses the demand on the net to register, licence government department submits relevant data, material should include: Importer company business charter register contract of the data such as bugle call of file, duty, imports and exports, bill to reach carriage receipt, medium square export license. Specific network address is: Http://www.mee.government.bg/ind/lic/docs.html? Id=193149 (Bulgaria article, without English) . 7, the   of 8 kinds of textile   that sufferred monitoring 2008 8 kinds of textile are " be defeated by exit of European Union textile to manage catalogue temporarily " (Department of Commerce 2006 the 106th announcement) fall be defeated by Europe 4 kinds, be defeated by Europe 5 kinds, be defeated by Europe 6 kinds, be defeated by Europe 7 kinds. Specific ask online inquiry, network address is: Http://www.mofcom.gov.cn/accessory/200612/1167441501888.xls. (Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China)

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