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The country is studying new policy gives aid to textile loan alleviates not easy

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Industry and informatization ministry moved recently monitor Zhu Hong of harmonious bureau director to allow to express publicly, before afterwards paragraph after time exports spin dress drawback rate to raise 2 % , in still having the process that measure of a few policy suggests to studying in protocol, include credit, money duty, right medium and small businesses supports and prop up and the policy of each respect such as the encouragement of own to the enterprise innovation. At present spin industry is faced with “ 3 great pressure: Discharging those who be in the first is the RMB appreciates, discharging those who be in the 2nd is labour force price rises, and in economic depression, below the circumstance that cost rises, platoon of capital shortage problem is in the 3rd. ” analyses a personage to express, but before two elements are hasten of general trends place, change hard, relative to character, in the government give aid to next capital are able to alleviate probably. The Central Bank loosened credit dimensions conditionally recently 230 billion yuan or so, basically tilt to medium and small businesses, alleviate the question with difficult financing of medium and small businesses. Specific and character, 4 big state-owned commercial banks and amplitude of loan of share-holding system bank are 5 % , use at the special loan such as medium and small businesses; The amplitude of loan of local finance orgnaization such as urban commercial bank is 10 % , basically use at loan of medium and small businesses. But be opposite inside course of study this is not hopeful. Analytic personage unscrambles line of credit to relax so problem, “ is right spin garment industry is advantageous still very it's hard to say. ” because the bank has own right,this is, love ill will deficient is rich, considering loan risk, measure will hold by the bank. Zhao Meiling expresses analyst of industry of spin of the negotiable securities that bring a letter, majority of spin garment industry is medium and small businesses, although increase this credit dimensions has additional requirement, but the loan that flows to the export medium and small businesses that lacks cash truly, should not too much, the industry is major medium and small businesses still lends a money very hard from the bank. (origin: Newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities)

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