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Financial method is aided spin look forward to to overshoot appreciate difficult

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Dispatch occupied global spin net on August 27 statistic of department of our newspaper information, the net income of textile industry exchange that the part is given priority to in order to export this year first half of the year soars. Below the setting that appreciates continuously to the dollar in the RMB, this is a very interesting phenomenon undoubtedly. Among them, financial method and import growth are main reason. Data shows, the growth of net income of spin industry exchange basically relies on a few a few companies such as stock of day of Lu Tai A, inspire confidence in sb, spring scenery share. Accepting 6 when interview to appear on the market in the company, because carry out and achieve the growth of exchange net income of financial method,3 companies express is. Exchange net income amounts to Lu Tai A first half of the year this year 66.11 million RMB, than last year the 6.14 million growth of the corresponding period is close 59.97 million yuan. The company has a variety of foreign currency, include yen, euro, dollar, HK dollar, Tai Zhu and Singapore yuan. Because the RMB appreciates continuously to the dollar, the company sale in market of the United States, Hong Kong should be met originally because of this damage, but cover effectively period the business that keep a cost let a company avoid this kind of loss however. Not only such, the company still realized the exchange income of 99.9 million first half of the year, make financial cost is compared on year the corresponding period decreased 68.88% . Negotiable securities general affairs imprints on behalf of Zheng Wei express, the account that the company wins net income of exchange of high specified number was to adopt set period keep a cost. Spring scenery share basically pursues the production of the chemical fibber product such as filament of polyester fibber, polyamide fibber and sale, implementation exit forehead is amounted to this year 121 million, grow 50.51% compared to the same period, achieve the history new tall. Meanwhile, exchange net income is the company first half of the year this year 5.41 million RMB, than last year the 880 thousand growth of the corresponding period four million five hundred and twenty-six thousand eight hundred. General affairs of company negotiable securities represents Introduction Guan Zhuowen, because the company used long-dated knot carry out to collect economy kind to be locked up ahead of schedule,this is decided cost or income. In addition, the negotiable securities general affairs of black peony also expresses on behalf of Xiao Xiuli, firm financial department also is using product of foreign currency conduct financial transactions, be clear about not quite as to particular case, this company exchange is only first half of the year this year accrual 2.05 million, slow down of net profit glide. Also bring corresponding redound to the attention of financial tool, 3 afore-mentioned companies are good in the exchange gains and losses last year at the industry general level. But not be all companies used financial tool effectively. Stock of day of inspire confidence in sb exchange is only this year accrual 5.55 million, with 4.41 million photograph compared the exchange net loss of the corresponding period last year increased 9.96 million yuan, because this ranks spin industry exchange,net income grows runner-up. But the growth of the exchange net income of the company and financial tool have nothing to do, negotiable securities general affairs expresses on behalf of Zhang Meng, because quantity of company cotton import is more first half of the year,this is, in addition, the collect of the company endowment the machine equipment of the project all is imported from abroad, and all use a dollar pay. Chinese dress also expresses to did not take extraordinary financial step. Company this year first half of the year international market income 668 million, grow 18.54% compared to the same period, in the meantime, company exchange gains and losses is amounted to 2.62 million, relatively the corresponding period grew 2.05 million last year. Miss Zhang that Dong Bi does expresses, the convert that balance sheet day reachs when producing foreign currency to trade and the method that exchange gains and losses handles follow the regulation that announces in annals, except in addition do not have special and financial processing technique. (Negotiable securities times)

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