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China considers publishing the road that gives aid to company of policy guiding

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Be in know from the message personage that is close to national authority to be in charge of a branch, decision-making - vogue inn of net of 126 brands government - layer near future comes on stage of purpose relevant give aid to brand of policy guiding dress is built. This personage says, in recent years, the big environment that spin clothing company grows got be affected certainly. Macroscopical adjusting control, RMB appreciates wait for macroscopical element, restrained the enthusiasm that manufacturing industry invests. It is under heavy pressure, a lot of manufacturing industry enterprises the capital that should invest reproduction, threw the other industry such as estate, stock. If macroscopical adjusting control of the government intensifies again, increase deposit reserve again rate and loan interest rate, the day of company of clothing of a lot of spin will sadder, because this will control a company further,undertake reinvest. From eye antecedent condition looks, the fine tuning of policy cannot solve problem of “ materiality ” at all, the reform of bold and resolute is more highbrow. Clothing company should be cast off at present predicament, best method walks along “ brand to change the way of ” namely. The force that relies on clothing company oneself finishs brand construction to be below current condition very not actual, the government mixes the help with give certain guide. As we have learned, get loan exchange rate of difficult, RMB appreciates, new labor law is carried out wait for element influence, 8 years domestic spin and pily industry are faced with very austere live predicament, the country involves increase of industry of 100 million much cotton grower and the cotton of 2000 much property workers, spin for protection, the near future has published multinomial and favourable policy in succession, include to import cotton to slip temporarily standard tax rate by 5% to 40% fall to 3% to 40% export drawback to lead with partial textile dress by 11% on move to 13% , and to giving border cotton to move library charge undertakes allowance is mixed close store Xinjiang cotton. Chief editor of net of the first spin barks advancement expresses, the country adjusts exit drawback policy to wait aim to solve short-term inside the enterprise manages difficult question, and in giving aid to guiding dress brand to build is with a view to is in solve industry of dress spin industry for a long time to upgrade problem. At present the government is initial purpose only to this policy, concrete step is brewing in. In fact, strengthening dress brand to build also is the way that industry of dress spin industry develops, at present dress textile of China still is in the low end of world industry chain, management strategy still is given priority to with taking an amount, the garment industry of prospective China must be finished by arrive in order to measure score a success the strategic transition with qualitative get victory, raise a brand to contribute rate and rate of contribution of science and technology, accordingly, of the country relevant give aid to policy is opposite the influence of the industry may be more body is medium now long-term, this change should experience the likelihood the 5 time that come 10 years. Statistical data shows, dress crop amplitude glided first half of the year 2008 trend still apparent, dimensions - industry book net - crop of above business dress is 9.72 billion about, grow 7.64% compared to the same period, under 7 years of the corresponding period 6.7 percent. (Medium grind net)

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