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Shoe of leather of Guangdong of second half of the year kind exit will win gover

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According to the newest statistic data of customs total office, this year 1-7 month, guangdong saves foreign trade total value to be three hundred and eighty-eight billion seven hundred and eighty million dollar, grow 14%% compared to the same period, under the amplitude of countrywide 26.4%% ; Export two hundred and twenty-four billion nine hundred and thirty million dollar among them, grow 13.6%% , under the amplitude of countrywide 22.6%% . Guangdong of customs total office divides arrange to express about chief, total value of Guangdong imports and exports occupies scale to drop somewhat in countrywide place, exit of dress, plastic products also drops continuously. Office of trade of the classics outside Guangdong province expresses about chief, second half of the year faces relatively comfortable policy environment via trade development outside this province, guangdong province government also publishs multinomial measure to give aid to outside classics trade develops. It is to increase finance to give aid to above all strength, the special fund that Guangdong province government decides to trade of the classics outside increasing to give aid to this year develops 230 million yuan, of annual give aid to capital is achieved 700 million multivariate. 230 million yuan when add newly basically are used at supporting 7 kinds of big traditional work concentrated model general commerce exports goods, supportive industry develops rising international market, support own brand innovation enlarges exit to wait. It is reported, this year second half of the year, guangdong saves finance to will take out 160 million yuan, bag of dress of goods, spin, plastic to building, pottery and porcelain and partial iron and steel, toy, box, shoe kind etc 7 kinds of big traditional labor are concentrated model merchandise is general commerce exit gives drawback to ask for retreat difference to aid financially, the hope is pulled move this year second half of the year general commerce exports 7 kinds of big goods than going up growth 20%% controls year of the same term. In addition, arrangement 50 million capital helps an enterprise develop rising market, the hope is promoted through this measure second half of the year is burgeoning this year general commerce exports the market than going up growth 25%% controls year of the same term. (Intelligent acute hearing net)
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