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Fabrics of spin of 08 Dongguan international exhibition of complementary making

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Showpiece time: 2008-8-26 comes 2008-8-28
Application ends: 2008-8-26
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area: Guangdong / Dongguan city
Specific address: Dongguan often makes the same score an international exhibition center
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: Of all kinds fabrics - cotton, hemp, silk / copy silk, wool / the ● such as fabrics of embroidery of silk of copy wool, chemical fibber, knitting, function fabrics, bud, printing is of all kinds complementary makings - belt of lining cloth, slide fastener, button, line, sign, clothes tree, lacy, printing,
Sponsor square: Guangdong saves association of 2 light industry

Undertake square: Elegant type connects an exhibition to serve limited company

Assist do square: Dongguan city often makes the same score an international exhibition center

Exhibit meeting network address: Http//
Exhibit meeting specification: The textile with Chinese — the greatest whole world reachs costume market
China is the textile with the greatest whole world and dress production country and exit country at present, our country textile industry continued to carry rapid growth state 2006, export increased 25.3% 2006, industry increases a value to grow 14.6% compared to the same period, economic benefits grows 28.3% . Come from development reform appoint data shows, industry of garment of whole 2006 spin exports 147 billion dollar, grew 25 % than last year, year all grow achieve 18 % to control, occupy the 24% above of trading business volume of global textile dress.

Special subject exhibits area — to cooperate market need, aid you to become exhibit can medium window
Guangdong province is our country's biggest spin dress production and exit base, spin garment industry is teeming in, the spin garment industry with complete famous province group amount to 19, great majority manufacturer is centered in Dongguan, company of clothing of 20 thousand spin. If tiger door is garment industry, big bright with Chang Ping wool knits industry, tall 埗 , large market, south the shoemaking industry of the city. Gross value of industrial output of Dongguan spin dress is 30.1 billion yuan, export total amounts to 2.815 billion dollar, formed knitting, spinning, weaving, float catch, brand pressworks, the more perfect industry catenary such as printing, to all sorts of spin faces complementary material product is having huge market demand. It is the essential commerce window that you extend global market!
The traffic with convenient Dongguan goes to the lavatory to buy the home domestic and internationally to attend the meeting purchase communication, be like to city of circumjacent property base: City of Shenzhen, Fosan, Zhongshan, Nanhai, benefit, add first class of city, new pool, Shan generation is direct and effective shoot, can touch inside a hour bead trigonometry economy encircles all cities. Exhibit a house to be located in have “ capital the say Chang Ping of “ of 9 the first town is pressed down, border HongKong and Macow, radiation southeast Asia, for Pearl River delta a sector of an area of gold of corridor of wide difficult economy, it is town of military importance of hub of southern railroad traffic, it is the township that at present the whole nation sets port of passenger station of two large railroad and railroad guest freight exclusively.
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