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Machine tool of international of Tianjin of the 4th 2007 China and metallic trea

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Showpiece time: 2007-11-1 comes 2007-11-3
Application ends: 2007-11-3
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area: Tianjin / other area
Specific address: Tianjin seaside international exhibition center
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: Metallic cutting: Machine tool of of all kinds numerical control, machining center, flexible production unit, lathe, planer, grinder, drilling machine, boring machine, milling machine, make a tooth-like part of anything / facilities of treatment of machine tool of the non-traditional machine tool such as treatment of threading machine, report and laser, cut, surface and metallic treatment lubricate antirust technology product, modular machine tool. Forging press fetterses: The forging press, pipe bender, machine that fold a turn, compressor, hydraulic press, cut machine, roll trigger, corrective machine. Numerical control system: Servo drive system, number shows staff of silk of device, linear slideway, ball deputy, computer / automation application technology, network technology, 3 coordinate measure machine, nicety to measure robot of equipment of equipment of appliance and detector, flaw detection, balance, industry and controller, measuring instrument. Tool: Appearance of measure of clip of all sorts of cutting tool, labour, quantity, wear an abrasive, diamond tool, dynamoelectric / tool of pneumatic tool, manipulator labour.
Sponsor square: Hurried of China International trade is met Tianjin city branch
Chamber of commerce of Tianjin of China International chamber of commerce
Tianjin seaside new developed area is in charge of appoint meeting
Development of technology of Tianjin city economy is in charge of appoint meeting
Tianjin city machinist Cheng learns

Undertake square: Hurried of China International trade is met Tianjin city branch
Tianjin city international shows a company

Assist do square: Tianjin city Economic Commission
Research center of Chinese car technology
Tianjin city external economic trade commission
Committee of Tianjin city business affairs

Exhibit meeting network address:
Exhibit meeting specification: Exhibit meeting setting

Tianjin China economy grows triode the economic center that — Tianjin is Chinese north. The development of Tianjin seaside new developed area already brought into national “ in layout of strategy of 915 ” program, it will make the new engine of Chinese economy, the economy of stimulative China northern region coordinates development. Tianjin borders capital, face area of annulus Bohai Sea, it is Chinese north opens to the outside world the axes of two covering of the fan, it is the start of the eastpart part with the shortest distance of churchyard of Eurasia bridge China.

The — of seaside new developed area that develops flourishingly is opened as development of Tianjin seaside new developed area brought into international layout of overall development strategy, sufficient Tianjin of Yu Li of fixed position of seaside new developed area, rely on “ of Bohai Sea of annulus of Beijing look forward to, service, radiate 3 north ” , face is northeast inferior. As communication of this area electron, oil exploitation, marine chemical industry, contemporary metallurgy, machinery is made, the amplification of the group of 7 big industries such as treatment of biology pharmacy, food, seaside new developed area already became modernization of Chinese northward international to make center of shipping of base of research and development, northward international and content shed a center.
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