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Spin of 2008 whole nations / new product of look forward to of name of printing

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Show a program:

Feburary 2008 - revealed information to release in May (the media such as the press, Internet informs)

Feburary 2008 - work was collected in May, item on display is publicized (work, application form, cost signing up mails contest organizing committee)

Work undertook affirming on April 20, 2008 (the organizing committee exhibits amount of look forward to certainly)

8-10 day opened to the outside world in May 2008 show new product, work

The corresponding period is held 2008 (Guangzhou) spin chemical and technology of new-style printing and dyeing are exhibited reach chemical of 2008 China environmental protection and catch renewing technology to communicate meeting, equipment of new engineering technology of spot view and emulate.

(show a location: South highway of Ou Baiyun of Bai Yun of city of Guangzhou of center of exhibition of conference of international of Guangzhou white cloud 1045)

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