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Machinery of spin of Indian Bombay international was exhibited 2007

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Miaolante - Beijing brief introduction:
Beijing Mi Aolan is special international can exhibit limited company hurried of subject China trade always is met, by trade hurried always is met international group invests group of trade of in relief technology of directly under China and Miaolante jointly establish, the company is integrated the resource advantage that trade closes to meeting system group going abroad is exhibited and Miaolante's advanced meeting extends service concept and brand advantage, the organization of international conference and exhibition is engaged in in Chinese churchyard major, with Miaolante the group establishs the member that in China the exhibition of other area is organized, make ” of card of the first item on display of “ China jointly.
Limits of item on display:
Knitting frame fetterses; Spin is mechanical, fittings reachs component; Spin of wool, silk, hemp is mechanical; Spin storage equipment; Printing, coloring and finishing equipment are mechanical; Spin chemistry uses agent and raw material; Spinning machine fetterses; Loom; The spin that be not wool is mechanical; The test measures equipment; Computer; Study technical academy reachs advisory unit; Spin concerns government and non governmental body; The service of spin industry

Postpone meeting brief introduction:
Indian textile industry ranks the whole world the 2nd big, be next to China, 38% what Indian textile held export total, indian government decision will be in henceforth inside lustrum extensive investment textile industry, strive textile exit realized 50 billion dollar 2010, and the biggest problem that Indian textile faces now is homebred the demand that spins aircraft equipment to cannot satisfy spin industry, need is many from foreign imported equipment. India of 90 % spin aircraft equipment to need an import. Spin machinery of India imports the forehead to raise the 650 million dollar of 2004 year from the 462 million dollar of 2003 year, amplitude is amounted to 40% , and the trend that still presenting to rise ceaselessly.
Below tremendous market background, india in recent years enginery of newborn spin, dress exhibits the impetus that can present a flourishing, also bring the business chance with inestimable more to business of Chinese spin industry. Machinery of clothing of Indian international spin was exhibited 2006 also can lay arise at the historic moment in current and auspicious situation, this is exhibited by India the largest trade promotes an orgnaization - Indian Joint Industry Conference (CII) sponsor, predict to come from the whole world to exhibit business to will achieve many 300, exhibit an area nearly 10000 square metre, hold 4 to exhibit a house. Many 95000 associated unit can participate in company of many 5000 direct member of CII home and whole world or presence should be exhibited meeting. To the Chinese enterprise of development India market, this is a fine inning that nots allow to miss absolutely.

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