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Machine tool of international of Tianjin of the 4th 2007 China and metallic trea

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The ” of “ car plant that the new developed area of seaside of — of garden of component form a complete set of Chinese northward auto industry will become China: Company of field of one steam abundant produces Tianjin power gallop, car of series of corollaceous, imperial crown, total investment will amount to 1 billion dollar, have one additionally truckload factory be about to settle developing zone; 3 peaks passenger car is in day steam group negotiate joint-stock matters concerned; Car of special type of car of Anhui star horse is truckload factory, additional, tianjin developing zone has component enterprise to have nearly 40, be like: Manage of Japanese report outfit, the East China Sea is changed, contemporary electron of Qi of exceeding lofty or great of love letter, Fuji, Sitanlei, arrow, unified, Korea, gentle the industry, tianjin developing zone will be dedicated to making the garden of component form a complete set that serves Chinese northward auto industry.
Of current exposition hold Wu of kimono of the advanced equipment that will show international metal to machine in the round, technology, the communication of area of stimulative annulus Bohai Sea and collaboration, provide an information platform for manufacturing industry of domestic and international international, also be each old equipment company and relevant equipment to made an enterprise build the passageway that a the most straightforward information communicates at the same time. Invite sincerely domestic and international all circles to join in actively here.
Treatment of machine tool spot demonstrates and most the concentration of the advanced technique is revealed

The treatment of newest machine tool demonstrates and the concentration of the most sophisticated technology appears, it is the one big characteristic of TJIIF, manufacturer of each machine tool spurs development of high speed of economy of ” annulus Bohai Sea desire of manufacturing industry installation cost increases regard good chance “ , the manufacturer of market of machine tool of the long-term male Bohai Sea that reside annulus regards TJIIF as new product to release the ground, it is main ginseng exhibits bend every time, believe TJIIF exhibits meeting site to will be enmeshed in ginseng exhibit business and the enthusiasm with the rising person that look around in.
All-around support, get the most adequately be exhibitinged cognitively meeting

TJIIF is to get the international of numerous government support and attestation is exhibited exclusively meeting, have the honor to win one of 10 old brand exposition of Tianjin city.

Forum of the corresponding period, seminar and enterprise make an on-the-spot investigation activity and exhibit meeting photograph form a complete set

Exhibit business to be in to cooperate to join exhibit be revealed effectively during the meeting and market company product, sponsor an unit to will hold innovation of machine tool of ” annulus Bohai Sea and science and technology of metallic treatment industry, harmony to develop height forum “ , the new technology that runs well-known company, new product releases communication to meet, organize business of countrywide mechanical industry, collective communication, communicate, thereby more attention that draw professional and participate in.
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