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Make peaceful wave of perpendicular industry catenary defeat solution to develop

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Recently, like the Ning Bo of hill county friendship gets the better of knitting limited company to have a batch of value again recreational dress sells the famous brand of 1.5 million dollar toward Japan. This year first half of the year, the sale of the company grows 15% compared to the same period, order already discharged the fourth quarter nowadays, average the popular dress that every month wants treatment to produce a variety of 100 different breed pattern. President Chen Sheng speaks the “ recipe ” that company outstanding achievement soars: Move department of design, sale to Japan, implement the package outside the service that swims up and down, compose builds the perpendicular industry chain of internationalization, held market pulse closely thereby.

Arrive again to cotton spinning from hand-me-down kind of cotton, move toward industrial catenary stage by stage most upper reaches. Group of Zhejiang gigantic eagle with bear 150 million yuan of conformity buys debt Xinjiang industry of A Kesu cotton limited company, obtained 10 thousand mus of cotton to produce base and combing of 30 thousand ingot to spin productivity, invest 10 million yuan to undertake comprehensive technical reformation to the enterprise, make productivity enlarges 45 thousand ingot, also make the enterprise suffers the effect with pily fluctuant price no longer at the same time. Knitting of Fu Hong knitting, be good at eagle also is in early or late high grade cotton produces Xinjiang area investment built cotton spinning base, form complete in-house industry chain.

The ” of “ soft costal region that fabrics production ever was course of study of knitting elephantine mountain, quite one part is high-grade fabrics counts an import. For this, investment of ” of “ Ju Ying builds the fabrics that produces per year 20 thousand tons of high-grade fabrics 200 million yuan to develop a center. These high-grade fabrics are mixed besides for private use besides exit, what still 1/3 provide place is medium small knitting enterprise. According to introducing, at present very as much as hill business already changed the line of production the recreational outfit that uses high-grade fabrics, sportswear, price rose than original common knitting underwear 3 times the left and right sides.

In addition, the enterprise such as big, Ju Ying, Fu Hong is in constant respectively the country such as the United States, south Africa, France creates sale company, the attempt sells a network in global laid. Friendship gets the better of a company to accept the order so should pass jobber, agency a few link, carry the sale department that is set in Japan now, jumped over jobber link, had certain price speech right, undertake with agency profit is divided into selling, every dress became much the profit of 10% .

To make knitting company further perpendicular industry catenary competes advantage, government of county elephantine mountain edited " compendium of program of development of construction of base of as advanced as hill knitting industry manufacturing industry " , encourage industry technology innovation, advance internationalization to manage. For this, prefectural finance arranged 20 million yuan of industries technically to develop fund. This year since the beginning of the year, job of knitting elephantine mountain goes before predicament relay add, realize production value in all first half of the year 3.35 billion yuan, profit 94 million yuan, grow compared to the same period 7.2% with 6% .

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