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Industry of printing and dyeing of desolate hill spin is faced with " final exam

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Recently, does the European Union set the ” of camp of another “ green below? ? European Union PFOS dictates, apply will big range to affect many products of Chinese actually, especially textile exit. The division examines quarantine bureau warns relevant company, should change to be participated in relevant raw material, actively as soon as possible examine, avoid to bring a loss.

PFOS content suffers strictly be restricted

As we have learned, PFOS(Perfluorooctane Sulfonates) full name is sulphur of complete fluorine octane acyl radical compound, defend oil and water proofing property because of its and be used extensively in the product such as bubble of textile, carpet, paper, coating, fire control, video material, aviation hydraulic oil as raw material, it is textile and leather leather anti-fouling the main and active part of inorganic agent, apply extensively at civil produce a field with industrial product. But it also is current the organic contaminant of the most difficult degradation, have very tall biology save up gender and a variety of noxiousness, the PFOS of excessive can create problem of human body respiratory system not only, cause death of new student baby possibly still, the global pollution that its cause is being paid close attention to with each passing day by people.

According to instruction regulation, content of the PFOS in the manufactured goods that sells on European Union market cannot exceed 0.005% of total mass, and finished product and semi-manufactured goods use PFOS chroma or quality is equal to or exceed 0.1% , also will include the range that ban carry out.

Existing detect the level remains to rise

Before this, the country pledges check total bureau already asked relevant section and each vast enterprise height pay close attention to order sb to do sth within a certain time of European Union PFOS. Current, zhejiang province examines academy of quarantine science and technology is aimed at those who spin content of the PFOS in knitting finished product to detect already had detect accordingly method and method, but of content of the PFOS in be aimed at auxiliary detect still lack detect method. In the meantime, our country has not grind at present give out the textile auxiliary that can accord with an European Union completely to control a standard to PFOS.

To satisfy requirement of PFOS ban standard, my area textile produces an enterprise to take two the way to deal with a situation basically, it is the dye that buys an European Union to assign a vendor directly and auxiliary. 2 it is the choice that intensifies replacing a product, experiment and research and development. The division examines the staff member expresses quarantine bureau, according to preliminary count, charge of auxiliary of spin printing and dyeing takes charge of spin finished product 2% the left and right sides. Accordingly, of two countermeasure carry out the exit cost that will raise spin enterprise greatly. This answers European Union textile to protect limitation, RMB to appreciate especially to already getting tired of reach exit drawback to adjust next demote for the textile production company of adverse element, frost is added on Yu Xue of as good as.

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