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Carry on promotes a county enterprise of 15 printing and dyeing is carried out i

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Of enterprise of printing and dyeing in water is answered with the project, result is shown below pressure of the energy-saving tigidity that decrease a platoon. The data that comes from environmental protection branch shows, carry on promotes enterprise of prefectural printing and dyeing to use in water is answered with the technology, industrial discharge gross by in water is answered before using everyday 720 thousand tons, drop 480 thousand tons.

Industry of printing and dyeing is carry on begins prefectural pillar trade, also be industry of high water bad news, tall pollution. According to statistic, carry on promotes a county to enterprise of printing and dyeing makes an appointment with 250, among them 180 enterprises scale is larger, liquid waste of printing and dyeing discharged gross to be one hundred and fifty million two hundred and fifty-five thousand tons 2007, COD discharges gross to be 22514.6 tons. For this, chemical industry of region of desolate carry on and punish of pollution of environment of industry of printing and dyeing are included “ to save 811 environmental protection new issue of 11 main environments is saved completely in ” of program of 3 years of actions, industry of printing and dyeing is energy-saving during 915 ” of “ the stress that reduces a platoon to become local government works.

The foul water that “ carry on permits enterprise of prefectural printing and dyeing to discharge is occupied outside the 90% above that discharge gross of industrial waste water. How do liquid waste of these printing and dyeing realize a loop to use? Water is answered in using is only choice. ” carry on promotes bureau of prefectural environmental protection to concern chief introduction, carry on promotes a county to roll out sewage to enter pop chart of monthly of pay taxes of blowdown of network company unit, force with environmental cost the company takes the new way that mentions qualitative synergism, pollution to decrease a platoon.

In this county energy-saving decrease a platoon advocate industrial district of position —— seaside is spreading all over enterprise of 40 printing and dyeing. Quicken technical reformation pace to urge company of printing and dyeing, the industrial district makes corresponding award policy: By the enterprise meridian water is answered with ability 1000 tons differ to 5000 tons of above standard, differentiate for 4 administrative levels, one-time give 200 thousand yuan of ~ 800 thousand yuan award.

“ forces ” and work along both lines of “ incentive ” , enterprise of printing and dyeing is lifted in water is answered with project upsurge, key standard is clear corrupt billabong, processing, time with 3 link. This county has 65 the water in finishing returns a company of printing and dyeing with project, processing dimensions is amounted to everyday 250 thousand tons, in build 11, total processing capability will be formed after the plan is finished everyday 290 thousand tons in water is answered with the project.

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