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Yunnan saves chrysalis silk company autumn chrysalis is bought and market level

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For farther stimulative Yunnan industry of the silk that save chrysalis stabilizes development, promote me quality of Yunnan chrysalis silk, analyse industry of current chrysalis silk to run a condition, the introduction answers the practice of current difficulty and experience, on August 18, the Silk Association, silk that save chrysalis did Yunnan province chrysalis in organization of county of fine of land of music pacify city to hold company of the complete silk that save chrysalis autumn chrysalis is bought and market level analysis is met. Save 37 bright chrysalis to close completely carbonado, filature processes a business, add up to 56 people attended the meeting, land fine county is Zhang Guangyan vice secretary, glad big the subprefect attended a meeting directive. Each academician is represented with respect to each district this year spring (summer) chrysalis production situation undertook a bulletin, right at present trade moving situation undertook serious discussion and analysis, use safeguard of promotion, quality, integratedly in base, member communication collaboration answered the respect such as current difficulty to offer a lot of constructive opinions and measure jointly. The course is analysed seriously and discuss, the conference still is made went out autumn chrysalis buys directive price this year.

The conference analysed the main factor that affects chrysalis silk prices currently, suffer a RMB to appreciate continuously, exit drawback is reduced, manufacturing cost rises continuously, the United States second borrow the macroscopical element such as the crisis to bring about market level of chrysalis silk price is at present low fan, situation of entire trade deficit increases apparently. In the meantime, chrysalis silk raw material is begged for be more than, pod quality grade of bad, raw silk conformity of resource of not tall, industry is bad to waited for adverse element to also restrict the development of the enterprise.

The increase that the conference wants clearly still to strengthen enterprise and silkworm raiser further concerns. Joined meeting enterprise to discuss enterprise and silkworm raiser further the interest of mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, joint development concerns. Most enterprise thinks, although press muscularity now, but to the development of the industry foreground wants confident, current the enthusiasm that the most important is the ability protection silkworm raiser that uses up an enterprise, when external environment encounters difficulty, stay in silkworm mulberry base firmly, use qualitative synergism, integratedly through carrying, the means such as mutual help spends difficulty jointly between the member.

The conference still made the autumn chrysalis this year buy directive price, buy order clearly. It is this year autumn chrysalis buys directive price to be: Dry carapace estimates 9.2 grams, rate getting on a car of 100% in buy valence to be 19 yuan definitely / Kg, can drift up and down 5% , forbidden demand a low price is bought and raise up the price is bought; 2 it is to be carried out strictly criticize way receiving chrysalis by the appearance that considers price character, can pull open quality class difference appropriately, stimulative pod quality rises further; 3 it is each delicacy chrysalis buys an enterprise to need what buy delimit of qualificatory certificate ” strictly according to “ bright chrysalis to buy limits to undertake buying, forbidden cross area to buy, each member unit must abide by association decision strictly, must not have violate compasses act. To the decision that association makes, the silk that save chrysalis does gave approbate and support.

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