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City of dress of line of business of shoe of Fujian Pu cropland the complete end

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Plan the dress of line of business of shoe of Fujian Pu cropland at the practice end October the city already entered timing construction phase. Although the project has not be over,be versed in, but so far, the shoe takes a city to already sold give many 620 store, among them 1 already exploded full; Additionally 355 ask to lease 1400 many shop, because demand exceeds supply, via qualification test, approve admittance to lease 600 many shop.

Up to now, the shoe takes a city to already attracted professional business many 500, there is no lack of among them Er of meaning of ” of “ red dragonfly, “ health ” leather shoes, the enterprise of famous brand of numerous state level such as leather of ” of “ Jin Hao; Shoe of advance river China, the tycoon of industry of a hunderd schools such as market of makings of the shoe austral Wen Zhou's biggest short for Zhejiang Province is entered halt. And most enterprise already negotiated through materiality action business, into be stationed in bail to hand in wait for level.

The shoe takes always of course of study is the traditional mainstay industry of Pu cropland city, factory of shoe of mutual size of Pu cropland city many 2000, annual produce breaks through 170 100 million, first what live 10 big industry group of whole town. However, among them dimensions enterprise only many 200, and the shoemaking raw material that has 80% above needs to be purchased from the other place, 70% what its cost holds total production value. At the beginning of 2007, decision of Pu cropland municipal Party committee, municipal government builds a Hai Xiwei with 3 years of time the market of major of large shoe material of one.

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