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Zhejiang spin enterprise: By " arms will will be blocked " to " the chess is enr

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Global spin net the innovation ability that one-up, chess provoked question high on September 5, make Zhejiang very much medium and small businesses chance of crisis translate into, in the remain invincible in intense competition.

Below the situation with spin so grim this year industry, zhejiang fine the profit margin that the —— of old brand enterprise that promote exceeded limited company of weaving of dragon jacquard weave to still maintain 7% above. In fact, they still have confidence to earn more money

Milk soja and cloth, these 3 words sound it seems that be totally unrelated. But if I tell you, this kind of material is made with milk and soja, you must not think I am in talk irresponsible. This kind of cloth, this enterprise that is in Zhejiang should throw batch to produce immediately.

Because this is planted comfortable, breathe freely, at present the whole nation jumps over the fabrics of double albumen fiber with good feel only dragon a capable production, the enterprise has very old active right on the price.

Fine promote city to jump over abundant of horsepower of general manager of limited company of weaving of dragon jacquard weave: Price authority is in him enterprise hand, below the premise that market prospect values, I am willing to make the issue that how many profit is me.

And before, although jump over dragon to also can roll out at least 1500 many new pattern every year, but because be small,hit small be troubled by, the enterprise does not have how old profit space.

Fine promote city to jump over Ru Xinglong of president of limited company of weaving of dragon jacquard weave: Begin us to pay attention to the innovation of fountainhead from last year, that is to say a change in form but not in content from before, become change Shang You to change medicine already, which is medicine, I think our spin still is ” of “ new material.

Do not have capable own research and development, jump over dragon to pull hand major orgnaization, leave no stone unturned becomes the experimental base of newest achievement. This shortcut goes, they are new the ” in the “ pond of material raised ” of big fish of a few “ in very short time. The harvest of the enterprise should come immediately.

The reporter discovers in investigation, sufferring market environment to affect small company is the company that has new technology, new technology, new product mostly, and in the industry a dark horse that in shuffling, shows itself, having “ without one exception alone door stunt ” .

Wangwen of engineer of limited company of machinery of Zhejiang neat carp becomes: This equipment it is a equipment with rice final treatment, its core component is my hand take this, a camera, be equivalent to giving each rice undertake taking a picture, pat after illuminating, undesirable rice, bad rice undertakes get rid of goes out.

” and “ still change the line of production to hold to the limited company of machinery of Zhu Jiqi carp that choice problem becomes among ” in “ before a few months, because this “ can take a picture,the big cream-colored of ” is chosen of machine be born and had “ again the courage of ” of battle all corners of the country. New facility is northeastern after commissariat produces area try out, got the market is approbated, although product value wants than conventional device 4 times more expensive, but sale situation is valued all the way however, the enterprise also captures lease of life again from this.
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