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Forum of high level of spin of cotton of 2008 international cotton and supply an

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Enterprise of each cotton, spin, about experience cotton unit: This article originates spin resource, ask each netizen to input spin resource to examine directly in the browser directly.

Since 2008, the United States that sweeps across the whole world second borrow the crisis and home's durative price inflation, deepened people to be opposite of economic uncertainty anxious, make the Chinese economy after 2008 goes situation more complicated and confusing. After experiencing the high speed of nearly 8 years after entering a life to grow, chinese economy is faced with new development level, rise in price in the element such as current labour force, financing environment hasten close, RMB appreciates wait for disadvantage to fall, how recognize situation, seek updated development space? How technology of production of spin of cotton of effective and integrated international and pily market resource, stimulative fluctuation You Xian is received, begin international collaboration effectively, realize mutual benefit win-win, had made the task that Chinese cotton spin and pily industry need face jointly.

To discuss afore-mentioned issues, build enterprise of spin of an international cotton, cotton to manage the platform with communication, 中国储备棉管理总公司、中国纺织工程学会和山东省棉花协会在成功举办2006、2007年两届“中国棉花棉纺织创新论坛”和四届“山东棉花供需洽谈会”的基础上, hold forum of high level of spin of cotton of “2008’ international cotton and supply and demand to negotiate jointly again meeting ” .

The conference will invite a country to develop innovation appoint, the government sector leader such as center of information of research center of development of Department of Commerce, the State Council, state, famous learned man; The industry such as chamber of commerce of imports and exports of textile of association of association of Chinese science and technology, Chinese textile industry, China is in charge of leader and expert; The international such as the United States, European Union crosses a state the group is in charge of high, market of spin of cotton of international of collective analysis future, cotton grows a tendency, discuss China and mode of win-win of international company cooperation, walk out of predicament for enterprise of Chinese cotton, spin, put forward to answer strategy and solution.

● conference form

Conference form includes report of thematic speech, special subject, business communication, supply and demand to negotiate etc. Content covers ––

Market situation theme makes a speech

The risk controls special performance report

Round table of cotton spinning enterprise

● meeting topic for discussion

1, 2008-2009 year the basic judgement of policy of Chinese macroscopical adjusting control;

2, in recent years policy of pily market adjusting control answers attend to to look into;
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