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Carry on promotes the spin outside the largest area to invest project settle Vie

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A few days ago, invest 80 million dollar by limited company of printing and dyeing of number of Zhejiang day dragon, in Vietnam solely invested the day dragon that establish (Vietnam) Inc. project already national hair changes appoint approve, report national Department of Commerce. It is reported, this also is the project invests outside the our city's biggest area up to now.

Face increasingly austere environment to restrict with international trade camp, eye of day dragon company is outward, the decision builds abroad to produce base. On the foundation that makes an on-the-spot investigation for many times, the company decides the —— of national level developing zone in Vietnam makes the same score in relief province to jump over sweet industry garden, build day dragon (Vietnam) Inc. .

According to introducing, this project uses the land 155 mus, will introduce 3000 shuttleless loom, the plan produces per year fabrics of 350 million meters of chemical fibber. Current, the project already entered geology exploration planning and explain get business charter level. A man of insight thinks, take scope of operation wide, the success of this project will bring beneficial enlightenment for other company.

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