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Guangxi river pool invites an expert to develop by silk industry (group plan)

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When mayor of city of Guangxi river pool thanks annals to just made a theme make a speech on the meeting, say: City of “ river pool already developed become the silkworm with the biggest Guangxi to produce base. ”

Change of Huang Wei of vice secretary of river pool municipal Party committee introduces river pool overview on the meeting, welcome domestic and international travelling merchant to invest to river pool.

By hall of agriculture of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the “ Guangxi that government of people of river pool municipal Party committee, city holds jointly. Industry of silk of river pool “ grows ” forum to be in river pool city to hold at coming 2 days on September 1. Our country home concerns reporter of the media outside expert, scholar, professor, churchyard, and each county of river pool city, area is relevant personnel in all 130 much people attended forum to meet.

Forum develops ” to give priority to a problem with “ silk industry, industry of silk of summary river pool grows taking successful experience, discuss the yield that how raises kind of mulberry sericiculture and quality, enlarge an estate group, outspread industry catenary, raise additional cost, stimulative farmer is added close, implementation river pool is transformed to strong city of chrysalis silk industry by silkworm resource big city, accelerate river pool and even industry of Guangxi chrysalis silk to do do by force big.

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