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Conflagration of factory of clothing of fight hard of fire control of lake of An

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On September 8 before dawn 1 when make, new harbor of county of numerous prosperous of city of lake of Anhui overgrown with weeds presses down limited company of dress of swallow of cloud of the village in the gram to break out conflagration, whole in pledging check workshop is immersed in a sea of fire, cut out workshop and sew workshop are gobbled up possibly by conflagration at any time proximately, the condition is very critical.

1 when 07 minutes, numerous prosperous fire control is received after calling the police, dispatch quickly 16 2 water tank car, officers and soldiers are like greased lightning kind drive toward fire spot. In space site on many meters of 1000 far road, officers and soldiers in the sky see the scene of a fire blaze is towering, a pungent and unpleasant burnt scorching blow on the face and come.

After showing up, officers and soldiers discover clothing factory pledges check workshop already was an a sea of fire, workshop ceiling already was broken by big baked wheaten cake cave in, igneous situation is in violent combustion phase. A staff member tells officers and soldiers, the workshop of be on fire is close be next to cut out workshop and sew workshop, equivalence of the sewing machine equipment inside two workshops, semi-manufactured goods is worth millions of yuan, if cannot protect these two workshops, create the development to clothing factory annihilative blow.

Spot condition is very critical, the look does not get the least bit hesitation and accident. Scout through brief igneous affection, after the member that decide nobody is stranded, fire control commander is decisive give out fight command: Establish 3 battles group, one group is attacked from back door, intercept igneous situation to cut out the workshop spreads; From front door aggression blocks igneous power one group, prevent to spread to sew workshop; The 3rd group uses hand stage pump to suck water supply from inside the fire control cistern around, ensure group of two put out a fire uses water uninterrupted. In the meantime, the commander still asks each battle group wants to notice to observe condition of the scene of a fire at any time, prevent building collapse to injure a person, make the backtrack preparation below good emergency. Each battle group suffers after getting the job, launch the operation quickly. After 20 minutes, after conflagration gets be controllinged completely, the commander centers military strength quickly to launch general attack of the scene of a fire. 2 when 15 minutes, through officers and soldiers of 1 many hours fight hard courageously, conflagration is succeeded to put out, maintained two workshops and value millions of yuan belongings, of utmost reduced fire loss.

Current, the reason of calamity of this on fire and loss circumstance are in investigation.

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