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Carry on promotes a county enterprise of 15 printing and dyeing is carried out i

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Water answers those who use a project to carry out in, to the enterprise development provided a space. Zhejiang connects limited company of beneficial spin printing and dyeing to start in water is answered with the system, ” of the water in using “ replaces partial production to use water, reduced the use amount of raw water, still reduce blowdown every months many tons 80. Only blowdown expends, the enterprise is annual but managing 1.44 million yuan.

The water in “ answers used economic benefits apparent, every tons of water is answered with cost 1 yuan reachs 1.5 yuan, and discharge 1 ton of sewage to need 2.14 yuan to reach 2.7 yuan. A controller tells Inc. of course of study of Ma Shi of ” Zhejiang day the reporter, the water in executing is answered after using, the treatment capacity of the enterprise increases than last year 6% , liquid waste discharge capacity however from last year reduce 8300 tons 19600 tons on average everyday, liquid waste answers dosage to amount to 50% above.

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