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The investment outside spinning condition of look forward to without stannum pre

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Walk out of the enterprise of spin of the part that do not have stannum that go for avoid textile quota at the outset, face cost of raw material, labor to rise nowadays and the heavy pressure such as abroad's new trade barrier, active transition, additional monarch paths, develop new approach, move toward ” of “ La Hai.

From industrial catenary intermediate link is outer, change design, sale to both ends outer. Be in for the change position of industrial catenary endmost, spin look forward to to smile to “ without stannum curvilinear ” both ends is outspread, lengthen link of design, sale, design center and sale network are built in abroad, gather market information deep, understand client requirement, undertake designing through be in place or gather feedback information, roll out be saleable the product of satisfy the need, and overseas is sold directly, obtain more profit spaces, increase market speech advantageous position. Two groups are in bat of the light that takes the earliest without stannic city, cloud Manhadu established American new York center of oneself design research and development and sale network, invite stylist of many 40 United States and administrator composition to design sale group severally, march for the enterprise American market serves. Accord with place to consume dress design of psychology by design of American design personnel on one hand, on the other hand, sale personnel extends American sale network energetically, contact client, the product enters retail terminal directly, stand firm in numerous and large retail store. Cloud bat group 50% what from Manhadu headquarters enters market directly, price tower above is other product 10% , the company exports amplitude every year to maintain in 40% above. The retail price of every dress amounts to bright group 80~100 dollar, for the light a few years ago era is versed in treatment is expended 10 multiple, let an enterprise score more gain indeed.

From abroad and direct investment onefold form changes direction accuse, share, annex, buy wait for a variety of forms. In walking out of the process that go, spin look forward to to make full use of to invest and be bought without stannum, project share, collaboration is joint-stock, buy a variety of forms such as abroad brand to get resource, brand, channel, walked along the ” of “ swift passage of development. The Jiangsu with the largest specified number of exit of countrywide polyester section group of 3 rooms alley, innovation walks out of the mode that go, contributive 55 million dollar, share and collaboration of limited company of group of aromatic hydrocarbon of Singapore abundant corridor build year of oil refining aromatic hydrocarbon that handles 4.7 million tons of condensate to combine unit, come so, better land alleviated polyester kind the bottleneck problem with product in short supply raw material, do aggrandizement fine business greatly to do, raised international competition ability to lay solid foundation ceaselessly.
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