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Technology of ink jet printing is new window of textile printing open up

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The expert is forecasted, technology of ink jet printing is textile printing open up a new window, in what highlight individuation new century will be able to develop his skill to full. At present technology of ink jet printing already applied at dress, family expenses textile, wall paper, carpet, woven lace, label, banner, cravat and scarf. The stylist of world each district, entrepreneur, businessman and consumer discover, can obtain expenditure through technology of printing of textile ink jet the personalized textile with small, high quality.

According to statistic, product of the printing in production of the spin on the world occupies 11 % ~ 13 % , and the about 58 % in textile of the printing on the market are produced by machine of round net printing, machine of plain net printing produces occupy 28 % , the others 3 % are sunken grain printing, 5 % are move printing, still have 6 % are manual production. With method of traditional spin printing, often occupy the half above that produces time with the time that makes appearance at sculpture normally. As a result of clothing fabrics update faster and faster, the method that reduces cost so is to cancel screen mesh and its preparation, presswork reach make appearance close 2 for one, then emerge as the times require of technology of printing of textile ink jet.

Ink jet printing already made the advanced technique of contented spin printing. Opposite at method of traditional spin printing, it is like next advantages: Colour amount is unlimited; Duplicate length is unlimited; Do not need to make screen mesh, saved a large number of time; Variety design and change can be on computer screen undertake, of colour and lustre match can undertake with the mouse; Did not make the charge of screen mesh; Reduced time and the stuff that saved revenue stamp; Reduced the expenditure of labour force.

The biggest factor that affects textile printing is the length of fabric, should be when fabric length is very long in method of traditional revenue stamp but fast, successive with economic ground printing. If rate of round net printing is very high, 70 meters of / divide about 30 ~ , range of optional choose colour and lustre is very wide, do not need to undertake special pretreatment before printing. However method of traditional revenue stamp is wasteful to small lot production. It is with the technology of traditional revenue stamp such as round net printing exemple, normally with 100dpi (do not exceed 255dPi) the number designs information, carve figure through laser, repeat a distance certainly even, screen mesh production expenses is very large (include engraved designs, catharsis, store up etc) , when normally the design forbids to be being assembled, be opposite flower, different batch should make different appearance, take time is arduous. When small lot is produced, because machine down time is long, fabric and printing ink waste are much, the expenditure that engrave grain is much also, colour matchs, the time that makes the respect flower such as oar, design, trial-produce and artificial taller. Screen mesh is like in the operation quarter make, the catharsis of the catharsis of printing and screen mesh can bring certain pollution. Design sample and desired result work often very long, cost a lot of jobs. And ink jet printing has very large dominant position. To small lot, draw a design or desired result it does not need screen mesh, the funds that causes accordingly so, if engrave,make screen mesh, serous preparation, presswork, jockey the loss that waits for a respect disappeared. Ink jet printing does not have image register problem, can choose its reduplicative dimension without limit, of dye, water and energy use up less, agree with to deliver the goods in time to need with what a lot of clients differ especially.
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