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Our country own research and development is new-style fire retardant applies in

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The market depression state that appears temporarily in the light of industry of traditional fiber sticking gum, chemical fibber of new rural area adjusts product structure actively, constituent researcher tackles key problem, rolled out the environmental protection that has world banner level recently model high-powered flame retardant fiber sticking gum, this fiber is to use chela of silicon – nitrogen to add up to new-style fire retardant, a kind when make through special filature technology new-style and flame retardant fiber sticking gum.
Of the trial production in chemical fibber of already new rural area flame retardant fiber sticking gum is not contained phosphor and haloid (like chloric, bromine) wait for harmful to the environment material, the scientific research unit such as research center of technology of project of fiber of chemistry of province of Henan of this fiber classics and Central Plains engineering college detects its flame retardation is tall, be able to bear or endure arrange, coloring sex and weaving performance are good and get the favour of domestic and international travelling merchant. City of face of this function fiber is the world undoubtedly flame retardant a Xin Liang nods fibrous sticking gum, also have the energy with stronger competition ability new infuse on the world for our country textile.
(Xie Yueting)

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