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Fur printing engineering technology

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Fur printing is to use dye or coating, have the aid of imprints board, pass physico-chemical reaction, the process of lubricious design is fashioned on flix, for example it is OK that domestic hare skin, otter hare skin, kidskin, sheep cuts skin of cloth with soft nap to wait copy ocelot, leopard, Hu Wen move or design of plant decorative pattern, can use at making collar, cap, clothing, act the role of an edge to wait. These printing products are deeply welcome in domestic and international market.
Fur printing has the printing on machine printing and hand, the article emphasizes introductory handiwork printing, place basically has printing board with the tool, push boil (or scraper) brush with wool etc. Imprint board make need big metal frame or stretch tight on plastic frame or ligneous frame on polyamide fibber silk (or polyester fibber silk) net, there is mesh of hollow out of flourishing of decorative pattern place in silk screen, without the polyurethane on besmear of decorative pattern place.
When printing, lubricious oar is blown to cross mesh and imprint to flix, to reduce cost, also can use tin, zine plate, plastic board wait for material to engrave hollow out board. When printing, will imprint board enclothe go up in flix, brush with wool dip in oar extraction look, imprinting board on besmear is brushed, the decorative pattern design of a need can be acquired on flix. Imprint plate gauge case looks product situation and decide, large imprint board size of similar fur mattress (120cm*62cm) , also but of size of similar hare skin imprint board use at printing of odd Zhang Pi. Copy needs to catch an impression above all when tiger grain, make up odd monochromatic oar, copy leopard also should catch an impression first, need to match two kinds of lubricious oars, two imprint board (spend heart board, black group board) , copy plant decorative pattern spends a heart to be pink or make an appointment with color, leaf is green or black, no matter be central color, still be outer lane color, composition of material of its color oar has dye () or color developing agent and the coating, thickener, auxiliary, agent that protect wool, solid lubricious agent.
1, printing category
1.1 direct printing
Printing of 1.1.1 screen mesh
Use low wet dye, be like oxidation dye, TIPPING DYES, BRUSHING DYES, through double board or veneer be gotten on in wool printing.
1.1.2 ornamental engraving board printing
Will imprint board enclothe be gotten on in wool or on leather board, brush the oar material that has distributed with wool besmear is brushed go up in flix can.
1.2 fade printing
Imprint board enclothe be gotten on in wool, fade fluid (by H2O2) the ammonia water, agent that protect wool, auxiliary is made up and become) besmear is brushed be gotten on in wool, get the decorative pattern design of a need namely.
1.3 unplug white printing
1.3.1 mix coloring juice with LOWACENE DYES of acid dye tragacanth, LOWACENE ASSIST BH, LEVEL A, formic acid, water, temperature 60-65 Celsius, time 2h.
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