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Fur printing engineering technology

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1.3.2 imprint board enclothe the hair that has catchinging to be gotten on.
BLEACH LCN-1 or LCN-3110g.
500ml of water of formic acid 400ml
Will unplug white fluid besmears brush or gush at hollow out board on.
1.Printing of change of wool of 4 light face
In smooth face on face of Mao Ge board, makings fluid (direct dye, metallic complexing dye, colophony) with brush or spray method printing.
1.5 roll embossing to spend
Pass flower board or embossing machine to produce uneven figure on leather face (well-regulated or random criterion) , wait like crocodilian grain, clear Yi grain.
1, 6 move printing
The oar material that uses with printing first imprints to paper, presswork to turn imprint paper, will turn next imprint close together post combines recto and leather aspect, in constant temperature, below pressure, approach proper time, make paper spends form move to arrive on leather face.
2, the filtration of dye
When should the choice consider as follows commonly when printing dye:
(1) the function spelling color of dye
When printing, the dye that must choose function to be close to undertakes spelling color, mix to leather fibrous affinity namely diffuse rate photograph is about the same, ability controls shade effectively.
(2) level dyeing function
Opposite ground says, some kind of dye is on leather fiber affinity is bigger, diffuse rate is inferior, migratory sex is poorer, cause level dyeing agent to solve level dyeing problem necessarily. And when printing, this issue is not outstanding, the dye that should consider to choose level dyeing sex only went.
(3) each prison spends index
Dye of acid dye, oxidation, TIPPING DYES and BRUSHING DYES in wool effect of printing be gettinged on differs, if use acid dye, because the condition such as temperature cannot satisfy his to ask, dye cannot diffuse fiber interior produces tie, and can adsorptive in wool fibre surface, each prison spends index not to talk to go up at all, reason is unfavorable use, oxidation dye, TIPPING DYES can be united in wedlock with wool fibre below microtherm condition, agree with fur printing.
(4) of dye on acquire property
The dye that function Liu catchs on can imprint brunet, conversely, can imprint only light color, the weight of neuter dye is great, amino union divides it and leather fiber outside relying on salt to bolt, still rely on hydrogenous key and Fan Dehua force, because this is OK,imprint with it brunet.
The place on put together is narrated, direct to had better be being used for leather printing dye or liquid actor add all alone to pull dye. Can be used only by printing to wool ammoniation dye, TPPING DYES, BRUSHING DYES.
3, the sieve of thickener is built
Printing thickener and printing effect relationship are very close, chooses thickener needs to satisfy following requirement: Thickener and dye, auxiliary consistence is close friends; Dispersive sex wants thickener underwater big; Thickener water content wants small; Thickener is adhesion to fibrous the gender is close friends; Thickener should have soak a gender moderately; The easy catharsis sex of thickener is close friends.
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