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Fur printing engineering technology

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In printing lubricious oar, need to join the thickener of certain amount, its action is a dye, the chemical material such as auxiliary delivers a skin to go up, prevent decorative pattern ooze to change. Should originally after color, thickener is easy scour off. Printing thickener breed is more, must actor or actress the thickener that chooses requirement of technology of can contented printing. In coloring, water is the dispersive medium of dye, and in printing, thickener makes the dispersive medium of dye namely, so thickener disperses and gather, cause printing inhomogenous. Consider the quality of thickener even at the same time, it should not wait for a reaction with acerbity, oxidant. Current, commonly used thickener has ramification of natrium of starch and its goods, gummy, algal acid, cellulose to wait.
In experiment process, be opposite only amylaceous, Arabia glue, SX glue, thickener 44 etc undertook contrasting experimenting.
Have in amylaceous grain amylose and the starch that pay chain two kinds of composition, chain state member must is before, latter is a catenary element, they are basic chain link is the one dextrose of A in dextrose. But both property is different, the starch that pay chain is not easy hydrolysis, can suspension is in water, heat bibulous expand, become agglutinant very big suspension. Amylose is easy hydrolysis. Heat colloid is become after expanding, viscosity and osmotic be inferior to raising catenary starch. In different starch, the content difference of the starch that pay chain is bigger, content of starch of catenary of wheaten and amylaceous medium-counts is occupied 15% , content of starch of potato medium-counts catenary occupies 1%-2% , the majority in polished glutinous rice is the starch that pay chain. Because of amylaceous element extreme concealed cooperates base, it has reproducibility, when degree of polymerization is tall, reproducibility is still unidentified show, when be being reduced like molecular degree of polymerization, reproducibility increases ceaselessly. Be joined by printing when wool after oxidizer, if use amylaceous thickener, after will removing oxidizer, if use amylaceous thickener, after will removing oxidizer, if use amylaceous thickener, will remove oxidation reductive reaction, certainly will uses up a large number of oxidant, affect dye and fibrous tie, get look even shallow weak. Accordingly, when using oxidation dye revenue stamp, unfavorable with amylaceous thickener.
Ever used thickener 44 make thickener of oxidation dye printing, this thickener does not have reaction with oxidizer, printing result is favorable, but after printing firm color, thickener is hard to wash. This thickener applicable, just catharsis takes a lot of work.
Have a test to SX glue, printing effect is good, do not have reaction with oxidizer and dye, the thickener after printing firm color is easy scour off, agree with oxidation dye printing.
Arabia is gummy (peach glue) use at BRUSHING DYES printing, colour and lustre is even, printing effect is admirable, encounter acid to be not lost agglutinant, because the price is high, application is not actually much.
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