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Fur printing engineering technology

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4, printing measure
4.1 choose makings
According to coming appearance and user ask, the choice accords with craft and the raw material skin that the user asks to undertake is modelled on. Fizzle out for example mink of wolf-skin copy mink, marmot skin copy, want to resemble from the exterior of wool, otter hare skin, Yang Jianrong skin is OK copy leopard is beautiful. Raw material skin is chosen was opposite square but printing, to thick chosen raw material skin undertakes concentration even, skin of messy to shedding hair of needle, needle, wool having a tie, withered anxious wool, chelonian, broken board, sodden board the flix that waits for blemish should give eliminate.
4.2 former skins prepare
4.2.1 pretreatment
The fur that printing place chooses, often wool by color depth differ, color is as bigger related to the furry colour and lustre that should be modelled on, because this needs to be made handle to wool before printing, if bleach needle or fade. Flix is handled with formaldehyde above all before bleaching color (answer tan) , make leather board can counteractive the action of hydrogen peroxide solution.
4.2.2 catch an impression
To ecru miniver or the fur that pass fade, all need to brush catch or the color that be contaminated becomes the impression close with the fur that should be modelled on to be like.
4.3 printing are the crucial working procedure that be modelled on, the stand or fall of printing quality, deciding to be modelled on the effect. Be modelled on leopard, central color wants than the impression deep, outer lane is black, need to cover board printing and dyeing. Chemical material has MF-3 of the glue of oxidation dye, SX, bleeding agent, agent that protect wool, ammonia water and hydrogen peroxide solution. Need to arrange wool with the brush before printing, imprint first imprint after central color outer lane black, blow makings should even, next dry.
4.4 divide an oar
The wool with deeper impression by printing, the catharsis in water removes oar issue not quite, but when the impression of wool divides oar catharsis for fur printing of white, want special attention to prevent to pollute an impression.
4.5 turn sawdust (wood is branny)
With turn beat add sawdust and brightening agent to wait boil turn flix, make wool is divided by inattentive, brightness float color.
4.6 printing note
(1) after printing thickener has matched, want to join right amount antiseptic, set time otherwise too long meeting acid defeats metamorphism.
(2) thickener is made up cannot too rare, stay have the room that adds measurable dye water, that is to say, if thickener is very rare, after should adding dye water rarer, cannot printing.
(3) after be being joined entirely when the material such as thickener, dye, if generate bubble, can add anti-foaming agent.
(4) if two imprint board when needing color process, should notice two imprint board positional alignment, prevent amlposition of decorative pattern design. After imprinting for the first time, want dry hind again chromatically, prevent to pollute.
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