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Accept rice is compound home of fill of technology of preparation of spin oar ma

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Come from fire message of bureau of big county science and technology, shoot Li Lun of big county silk the “ physics that university of Sichuan of combination of finite liability company develops new spin jointly changes compose is amylaceous / cheat Tunami technology of preparation of makings of compound spin oar and product ” project passed appraisal of achievement of provincial science and technology smoothly, this project is maintained at the same time fill a home is blank.

As we have learned, recently, the expert of the branch such as society of project of spin of province of academy of science of silk of province of Sichuan of organization of office of province science and technology, Sichuan comprised appraisal committee to listen to the technical working report of project group seriously, examined provincial and authoritative branch check new report and detect the relevant data such as report and invention patent certificate and user opinion, via discussing adequately, appraisal committee thinks: This project is industry of our country spin again technical innovation, finite liability company increases new spin of proposal silk Li Lun achievement changes strength, accelerate industrialization process further. In the meantime, this product fill home is blank, the technology achieves international advanced level, agree consistently to pass project achievement appraisal.

“ physics changes compose is amylaceous / cheat Tunami technology of preparation of makings of compound spin oar and product ” project, use amylaceous physics to become compose, unconscious to take off earth namely former a polymerization that interpose a layer, change compose starch and the accept rice stage that cover ground are compound wait for a technology, own development gives new oar material product, its chorion ruptures stretchy with work to break apparent excel has a product domestic and internationally, and but part or replace makings of oar of existing PVA spin entirely, be helpful for environmental protection, for oar of our country environmental protection spin makings technology and product development offerred a practical technical way.

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