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Biology technology handles Gao Nong to spend organic liquid waste

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The successful development such as Harbin Institute of Technology Professor Ren Naqi goes efficient processing the biology technology of organic liquid waste, equipment and assorted craft, build high concentration intelligence of process of useless water treatment is changed and controallable the effective method that change, choose printing and dyeing, pharmacy, chemical industry, ferment etc the high concentration liquid waste with representative industry is begun respectively small try, in try, experiment with productivity, obtained innovation sex to study positive result, this technology wins award of national science progress second-class award.
The project control law of microbial metabolization type in processing of sulfate liquid waste, gearshift rises oxygen of be disgusted with drifting type law of control of faintness of processing technique, SBR craft and device, sulfate alcohol of organic liquid waste ferment bacterium of mud of grain of oxygen of law of biology to decoke, be disgusted with is planted save a method, have efficient sex, advanced sex, flexibility, economy and practical wait for a characteristic. It is difficult that Professor Ren Naqi develops an across of – of oxygen of combined-type two-phase be disgusted with to shed good oxygen law to handle high concentration at the same time craft of good oxygen of – of acidification of technology of organic liquid waste and equipment, hydrolyze handles degradation technology of dye liquid waste, UASBAF handles Gao Nong. Among them 3 core technical divisions precedes at international level, a technology achieves international advanced level. This technology specific aim is strong, automation rate is high, efficiency is tall, suit our country national condition and economic progress state of affairs.
This technology already was in respectively too region of river of drainage area of lake catchment, river of the Huaihe River, distant and Songhua River catchment built 15 influential Gao Nong to spend organic liquid waste to administer demonstrative project, accumulative total achieves production value 185 million yuan, construction investment saves 15% ~ 30 % , cover an area of an area to reduce 20% ~ 40 % , moving charge reduces 10 % ~ 25 % , ton control of waterborne travel expenses is in 0.6 ~ 1.4 yuan, machine for printing and dyeing of our country spin, dye, chemical, pharmacy, Chinese traditional medicine, careful chemical industry, food, the Gao Nong such as beer spends difficult degradation exploration of processing of organic liquid waste gives a new way.

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