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New technology of leather printing and dyeing- - move printing paper

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Paper of leather move printing is a kind of new-style technology that is used at leather printing and dyeing. The change of this seed coat that produces by Italy transfers printing paper, use special paper and dye, imprint first on paper an all sorts of colorific design, when using, the one side that needs to will take pattern only is opposite leather, increase constant temperature and pressure, can leave pattern on leather, make original monochromatic leather turns the printing that has all sorts of pattern into leather. Same pattern paper, go up with the leather that differs in the impression, imprint the effect that give is not same also.
Technology of printing of this kind of move suits to be on 2 suede and pigskin especially use. Imprint the leather that has pattern of of all kinds, can form the distinct effect such as grain of copy tiger skin, leopard, snakeskin already, yi Kegen imprints according to popular trend a design and color that accords with times popularity and design, use at making dress, case bag, adorn article, shoe cap, can achieve novel and chic result, can raise the additional cost of leather goods greatly. When using, yi Ke has checked leather stuff first, turn again imprint, can maintain whole pattern already so, save paper again. At present home already had manufacturer to take the lead in using. The occurrence of this kind of new technology, undoubted meeting brings new lease of life to leather line of business. (Fujian makes net of shoe science and technology)

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