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The development of pure spinning of copy cashmere fiber

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Copy cashmere fiber is polyester modified fiber, structure of beehive shape small hole, fiber is puissant inferior, cohesion is good, need bigger hind factor of area draft, attrition is minor, in spinning process fiber has loss, fibrous spinnability is poorer.

Technological process

→A006BS of the A002D machine that catch cotton mix cotton machine →FA022-6 many storehouse automatically to mix cotton machine (6 storehouses) box of →A092AS of hatchet man of →A036BS hedgehog opener, hedgehog double cotton gives hand of cotton machine →A076C singles to become occasion of →FA303 of a machine →A186D card drawing.

Craft configuration reachs main craft parameter

Open scutching process

Because copy cashmere fiber is fineness fine, orderly degree puissant and good, inferior, do not contain miscellaneous wait for a characteristic, opening scutching working procedure to use chemical fibber flow and hatchet man configuration, much pine is hit less, catch less stress craft principle frequently. Lower rate of each hatchet man appropriately (comb 800r/min) of 440r/min of needle hatchet man, integrated hatchet man, increase hatchet man and dirt club between lie between be apart from, in order to reduce fibrous injury and the generation that cotton writtens guarantee. Open scutching process main craft parameter: Lap length is controlled for 34T of tooth of 30.6m, length, ration for 400g/m dry weight, not divide evenly rate is 0.91% , coil normally 98% . Become a 10r/min of Luo La rotate speed.

Comb cotton working procedure

According to characteristic of copy cashmere fibrous, to assure carded sliver quality, reduce fiber loss, comb cotton is used low rate, big lie between be apart from, the craft principle that ration slants to master greatly. Use chemical fibber kind card clothing, and slowdown, increase Xi Lin and speed ratio of the surface that prick roller, decrease cover board and hind of car abdomen fall cotton, always fall cotton quantity should be controlled in 2.5% less than. To reduce the generation of fibrous injury and short fine hair, increase thorn roller is lain between with what give cotton board be apart from, increase Xi Lin and cover board appropriately between lie between be apart from, rate of move of path husband, stannum forest wants big, reduce fiber congest, repeatedly knead, increase comb move, reduce the generation that cotton writtens guarantee, make enclosed small leakage bottom, remove dust the knife uses Gao Daoping horn to spend craft; Comb the condition of the component keeps good each minutes, eliminate the Yun Ban that web produces, wave to prevent web head, object net, collapse edge and agglomeration difficulty problem, increase double skin circle to guide a device, sliver tension is lesser master, made sure web is become smoothly.

Drawing working procedure

To make sure drawing mix up is even, use 3 mix up, use “ to be lain between greatly be apart from, the craft principle of much pressurization, low rate, heavy mensurable ” . To reduce Pi Gun “ 3 circle ” phenomenon, pi Gun chooses Shao Er A85 to spend rubber roll, pester coating processing via preventing. Reasonable draft is configured, mix one hind draft multiple slants to master greatly, total draft moderate masters, mix 2 hind draft multiple slants small, total draft multiple slants big, mix 3 hind draft multiple, total draft multiple all slants small control. Reasonable draft configuration is achieved improve weight namely not divide evenly rate, raise fiber unbend to spend do not worsen again a dry purpose.
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