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Talk about knitted piece goods how business accounting cost

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Price of raw material of =[(of cost of knitted piece goods / weaving loss) weaver is expended] / labour of printing and dyeing of loss of printing and dyeing expends freight.
General beard wants stronger professional knowledge, ----know fabrics uses what raw material, what machine is knitted
Substantial professional information, ----know fabrics raw material, weaver, labour of printing and dyeing is expended
Good human relationship, ----can refer relevant market information.

Exemple: Cylinder 28.5"620GM/YARD, 2*2, cotton / Luo Wen of ammoniac black silk ribbon. Get fabrics with Yu Yi. Cost accounting
1) . Use weaving of 34"15G rib knitting machine certainly, black silk ribbon of JC32S*2 70D ammonia, ammoniac black silk ribbon 1 lie between 1 eat on needle.
2).70D ammonia black silk ribbon---60 yuan / KG, the content inside fabrics 2% .
JC32S--------24 yuan / KG, gauze caustic 0.5%
Weaver cost--------3 yuan / KG, knit caustic 1.5%
Catch labor cost------12 yuan / KG is caught in the lubricious round cost that decide labour, catch caustic 8%
Freight--------0.5 yuan / KG
3) . Cost price =[(24*0.98 60*0.02)/0.98 3]/0.92 8 0.5
=39.2 yuan / KG
Consider garden canister, add ammoniac fishing line, 2*2, luo Wen, the door / the gram is heavy / washing shrinkage control has certain difficulty risk, and price of near future cotton is fluctuant. Add 1~1.5 yuan / KG risk cost.
Quote is in 45~48 yuan / KG, the payment that inspects a client / credit / order and theory.

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