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How to identify fur of true and false?

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1, dermal meaning     " dermal " common word is on leather goods market, it is people is discriminative synthetic leather and a kind of habit to natural leather makes a way. In the idea of consumer, "Dermal " the meaning that also has blame holiday. It basically is be machined by the skin of the animal and become. Dermal sort is various, breed diversity, the structure is different, character each different, the price also six to one. Accordingly, dermal since is all and natural a general designation of leather, also be an ambiguous label.

Of the viewpoint character that depends on physiology, any hide all have hair, skin and dermal share. Because meshy fibril is contained in derma bundle, reason all is provided those who comparative is puissant with permeability.

Skin is located in under hair, clingy in derma above, arrange composition by the cuticular cell of different figure. Cuticular ply as the animal different and different, for example the 0.5 ~ that the cuticular ply of cowhide is total ply 1.5% ; Sheep skin and goatskin are 2 ~ 3% ; And pigskin is 2 ~ 5% . Derma is located in under skin, interpose between skin and subcutaneous tissue, it is the body of peltry. Its weight or ply occupy the 90% above of peltry about.

1, how to identify dermal hand to feel: Touch leather face with the hand namely, if have slippery bright, soft, plump, stretch feeling,be dermal; And the face sends general man-made synthetic leather acerbity, formalist, plasticity is poor.

Soon: Dermal change face has clearer pore, figure, ox skin has more well-balanced fine pore, yak skin has thicker and few and far between pore, goatskin has piscine imbricate pore.

Smell taste: Always the taste that derma has leather; And leatheroid is had excitant stronger plastic odour.

Ignite: Tear down from dermal change and leatheroid the reverse side a bit fiber, after igniting, every gives out pungent odour, those who form a knot in one's heart is leatheroid; Always give out hair odour, do not written guarantee of hard a swelling on the skin is dermal.

2, identified leatheroid and synthetic leather to have above 4 kinds of basic identifying method, will contrast with this differentiate leatheroid, synthetic leather with respect to clearly. Additional, leatheroid and synthetic leather still have the following characteristic:

1, press the face that control remove from office with finger, without distinct pore lines, if press,is furrow after pressing, also won't disappear apparently naturally.

2, change face does not have pore, this is the main feature that differentiates leather true and false.

3, cut below horn combustion, have taste, but the anxious stink that is not hair.

Character of partial skin appearance introduces:

Skin of lamb of sheepskin of grain of * Italian deer, former grain

Color: Color of black, coffee, cream-colored, purple quality of a material: Simple sense withy, feel kisses and, face of flexibility of rich skin feeling, skin is bright and clean
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